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10-year-old boy photographed with naked male drag queen

10-year-old boy photographed with naked male drag queen

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. This is child abuse. Lock up that man and women. That boy needs to be in a safe loving environment. If that means foster care or adoption then that's what it should be.

  2. Democrats, are 100% perverts. I know that, you know that, 65 MILLION Americans know that, but we hate that child, we want the Democrats to rip him open and eat his insides while he dies slowly… we MUST, because no Republican is ACTUALLY doing anything. Both sides SUCK!

  3. There is not a moral principle nor an American tradition that the left has not targeted in order to bring division and chaos. Your assessment is correct Liz. Now the NEW UNTOUCHABLES are the standard by which everyone else is being judged. And since the left is about do-or-die, they are not backing down from their plans for destruction. But they will not get their NWO globalist agenda in the end.

  4. They are trying to “ normalize” sexualizing children. Next will be lowering the age of consent. It’s CHILD ABUSE! And child pornography…. Stand against this! The mother Queen and anyone else involved should be arrested!

  5. Pretty soon we'll have to put Chasity belts on dogs to be able to take them out for a walk. Please go FUCK another pervert instead of animals and children-you perverts are walking pieces of shit getting ready to Rot. Although you will smell better after you quit living.

  6. There's no more VIVID an example of 'in your face' bigotry than what is being portrayed by the tragic, sad souls who make up the hybrid individuals who call themselves 'The LGBT ones'.

  7. Pediphilia any way you look at it!!!!!!!! Before God , it's wrong!!!!!!! DEMOCRATS ARE pediphiles!!!!!! Why do you think they are fighting so hard to get so. American kids here??¿??? And Hollywood is standing behind them!

  8. CPS does nothing! They're part of the problem! They kidnap children from their homes & sell them into slavery! These drag queen boys are victims of mind control, & are controlled by pedophiles!

  9. When "The Amazing Desmond" an 11 year old boy who regulalry goes to Drag bars and gets money stuffed in his G-string appeared on Good Morning America and Michael Strahan clapped and cheered him on as he performed as a drag queen on national TV. Where was the outrage? The audience sat on their ignorant asses and clapped along with the Despicable Strahan as this boy was further misled into believing he was talented, smart, mature and oh so loved. This is some really sick shit and everyone who participates is guilty of pedophilia and sexual exploitation of a child. That includes you Mr. I'll do anything for money Strahan.

  10. If you're a grown man who wants to dress drag, sure have at it,. that's your choice. But putting a child next to a NAKED MAN….are you fucking kidding me? Come on. This is not ok. Parents who push their children into this should either take a parenting class, or have their children taken away. This is obvious brainwashing.

  11. If you spank your child for misbehaving CPS would be called the parent arrested and child taken away. CPS would do everything to keep the child away from the parent from then on. But it is perfectly fine to put your 10 year old son dressed as a girl on stage in a gay strip club for grown men to throw bills at him as he twerks on stage. Then have him photographed with a naked man later on. This is insanity at its greatest wake the hell up.

  12. Dameon is learning life skills for his future. There is a real danger of Fudge Packing becoming a lost skill. It's good to know that someone has dedicated Daemeon to learning and experiencing the veiled community underground culture. I wonder if he will include reenactments.

  13. The problem the left doesn't see this as "pornography", it is part of their diabolical scheme to convert all of Americas youth into being trans. Not to mention, 99.9%of the trans community is WHITE, just more evidence on the left's plan to eliminate white people. Turn them trans, remove them from the breeding pool, and replace them with brown immigrants. It's truly disgusting. That being said, i'm not "brownphobic", not by a long shot, in fact i'm part Hispanic myself, and I also don't support white supremacy either, but this country was founded by white men, the very people the left want gone and gone fast, and it's high time this blatant attack stop.

  14. The word abomination has it`s place in our language. This is what is happening when the word criminal is not understood. Leave the kid`s alone, they will learn the garbage soon enough. Jail, for you know who.

  15. This will make the civil war so simple. The enemies will be so easy to spot in their ridiculous plumage, soy boy deformities, tattoos, self inflicted mutilations and all the other standard markers of psychotic insanity. Why isn't it raining nuclear bombs?

  16. remember when us "biggets" warning about giving the gay community an inch when it came to gay marriage, hate to say that I was exactly right.