20 Construction Machines Getting The Job Done

From a machine that digs up tree trunks to a tunnel-washing truck that looks like a car wash on wheels, these machines are all working hard to get the job done. Whether they’re separating pumpkin seeds, digging a sewer trench, or just laying bricks, these machines are all great at their job done.


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20 Construction Machines Getting The Job Done

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

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  2. Here in the Philippines, whatever public construction (may it be road, tunnel, bridge, anything), it usually lasts for 4 or more years; that's how inefficient and corrupt our government is.

    We badly need these machines here in our country 😂

  3. I have a question.

    This question is not from this video ..

    I wonder if the Chipset (Processor) is getting used up more slowly and weaker than the last one?
    Did the phone is become slow bacause more used storage and ram?

    Are phone 3 years older if reboot, it will be empty. Can it be same faster as the first time buy from the box?

  4. In my opinion those machines won't be mass produced and are only situational. They cost too much to replace humans. Why buy such expensive machines when you can use cheap workers who will do it for few cents? Sure few machines are useful but only 20% of them from whole list.