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At Pocketnow, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch has been the subject of hands-ons, comparisons, podcasts, and innumerable editorial attacks and praises. We haven’t seen a device -or really, a product category- this polarizing since wireless charging dominated last summer’s news cycle. The old cliche rings more true of the Galaxy Gear than most tech accessories: you either love it, or you hate it.

Here’s another cliche: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Today, we’re switching from fighting the extremes to embracing them – and rolling polar with this review. We’ve toned down the spec talk and drawn a bright line between what we like and what we hate about Samsung’s latest experiment, and this installment covers all the good stuff.

From its high-end build quality to its surprisingly robust app ecosystem, we’re counting down our top five favorite features of the Galaxy Gear. So even if you’re not sold on the Gear itself or the smartwatch concept as a whole, you’ll want to watch the video above to find out what you’re missing. And if you’ve already dropped the three-hundo to buy one of these beauties yourself, give the video a look anyway to remind yourself what a smart person you are. Then hop on over to our 5 awful things about the Galaxy Gear video to check out the flip side of the coin!

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5 awesome things about the Galaxy Gear | Pocketnow


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  1. I still have my First Generation Gear Watch…however the watch styler is no longer available. Am I stuck with these plain watch templates? I'm not wanting to go buy a new model when mine is still in incredible condition.

  2. An early adopter if the Galaxy Gear 1, Love it, takes better pictures than my Samsung Galaxy S3. Finally replaced the battery (Today Actually) . I have friends with the Gear 2, I see no reason to upgrade. This is a Great watch.

  3. ok so like how u said theres snapchat for galaxy gear.. when i check the apps for the gear theres only like a total of 10 time faces and like 1 app in each category. how do i get all these big name apps that your talking about onto my watch?

  4. Admittedly as an earlier purchaser of this device I have to say it has been worth while for me.  I purchased mine in October 2013,  still going today just a bit worn down battery life compared to new, I used to get about  a day and a half from full charge, now get a low battery warning at end of one full day.

    To record for vs apple, I have several co workers who have the apple watch now, and its not a bad device.  But I do have a durability leg up on them as this has no breaks I have literally thrown this watch against a wall to test it previously, winning me a hundred bucks in the process from the bet. It has also survived being coated in wheel bearing grease, oil, and plenty of times getting soaked in water from the pool.

    Camera still works great and microphone is good, but I kind of wish there was a little more volume available for the speaker on gear one. As I say all this I am passing this on to my friend and going to purchase a gear two since this has been great.

    P.S. to the trolls who can't believe anything competes with apple, check release dates and also, I give apple credit that they keep up with Samsung, just different methods to achieve the goal of a strong fast phone.
    Samsung gives a android system with a lot of customization but heavy hardware drain… thus they produce devices that have insane hardware specs.
    apple produces an efficient device that would be sub par… if it was not for the beautiful execution of software trimming leaving a fast device that still can do anything you would actually want it to do.