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At Pocketnow, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch has been the subject of hands-ons, comparisons, podcasts, and innumerable editorial attacks and praises. We haven’t seen a device -or really, a product category- this polarizing since wireless charging dominated last summer’s news cycle. The old cliché rings more true of the Galaxy Gear than most tech accessories: you either love it, or you hate it.

Here’s another cliché: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Today, we’re switching from fighting the extremes to embracing them – and as such, we’re rolling polar with this review. We’ve toned down the spec talk and drawn a bright line between what we like and what we hate about Samsung’s latest experiment, and this installment (number 2 of 2) covers all the bad stuff.

From its pitiful battery life to its refusal to work with anything but a Galaxy device, we’re counting down our top five most-hated shortcomings of the Gear. So if you’re not sold on the Gear itself (or even the smartwatch concept as a whole) you’ll want to watch the video above to pat yourself on the back for saving three Benjamins by going without. And even if you succumbed to Samsung’s appeal to your nostalgia by buying one of these babies, give the video a look anyway – even if only to reassure yourself that none of these shortfalls matter enough to you to take advantage of your local retailer’s return policy. After that, hop on over to our “5 awesome things about the Galaxy Gear” video, posted right alongside this one, to check out the flip side of the coin – and leave a comment down below giving us your reasons for hating (or loving) Samsung’s bold new accessory.

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5 awful things about the Galaxy Gear | Pocketnow


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  1. I put it away for a while after about 2 months of medium use. Pulled it back out to wear again to track my steps and take candid pictures when hanging out with the kids and the battery wont take a charge. I bought another charger that worked fine while I was using it daily. Put it away again and same issue. I don't think I should have to finagle a charger every time I use it. I can put my phone away for months and it works when I plug it up. For that reason this is going back in the box.

  2. my samsung gear band the locking part have breakoff (with holes), the other band is ok, i cant find a replacement band for my samsung gear in any websites.Do anyone have any suggestion..please

  3. Hi–I have the Gear which battery died for over a month until I was told to plug into pc. Gear rebooted but now it reboots itself constantly with I had the Note3. I switched over to the new Pixel XL and was told of course that it was compatible. Been trying to pair Pixel XL with Samsung Gear. I even purchased the Gear Assistant at 2.99. Have done the download but still not recognizing SamsungMusicProvider patch. Says the package conflicts with an existing package by the same name, whatever that is. I can't get passed NFC and Gear Mgr. If you're confused so am I. I don't know where to turn too. If you can help that's greatly appreciated. Carol

  4. funny how the "Isheep" come out and blast a product that was unveiled years before years before the i watch. Apple is for my grandma, good luck with having to pay for every little thing that ou want for your i junk

  5. HI, I got a Samsung gear sm-v700 so far love everything about the watch but only down fall is the sensitivity to light up the screen is there a way I can turn this off so it only lights for notifications and pressing the side button?

  6. you can now run these with tizen which is on all the new samsung smart watch run an update on the watch with kies 3 nice improvement can all so reply to texts with a keyboard and i can read gmail and all notifications that arrive  

  7. For the money it's s great little gadget.
    A good starter for a smart watch. Within a year or so there will be better ones so be happy with this, then if you really need one rather than want one then upgrade.