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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. The IG who looked into the FBI's biases, mishandling all the other issues that were brought up was a sham. I'm getting the same feeling I got when that famous American traitor James Comey dismissed all of HRC's crimes as mere missteps. Horowitz was bought off, and he is also corrupt.

  2. The evidence is laying around like litter on the ground. You don't even have to look for it. If you've been following this since the Clinton email investigation….or Benghazi….or the IRS scandal….or FAST AND FURIOUS..or all the other scandals, then you already know what's going on. It couldn't be more blatant and obvious. But…. they think you're stupid. We need ACCOUNTABILITY HERE FOR THESE CRIMES. The Mueller investigating is nothing more than a DISTRACTION from the REAL CRIMES that went down under Obama. Who has the AUDACITY to say his administration was scandal free!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? We KNOW who was in bed with Russia and it WASN'T TRUMP. Trump gets 3 hostages released from N. Korea then goes to there to try to negotiate peace and de-nuclearization with a brutal dictator and the left flip out. Obama sends the Iranians well over a BILLION in U.S. cash and hands over 20% of our uranium to them because they've always treated us nicely. After that just follow the money. This isn't rocket science!! Speak up and BE HEARD. IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

  3. Politics have always historically been nasty, however, the level of covert and overt actions and the outlandish and insulting BS is as if these assholes believe themselves untouchable. As if a duty to spread enormously false narratives like we are incapable of understanding the ruse! The Military and the VA have ran this same scam on me for many decades…and I'm waiting for Pres. Trump to force these devils into admitting their racket to cheat us of our lives and OUR children after.

  4. Like $650,000, and a job for your kid with the Clinton Campaign, doesn't effect your decision? Anywhere else it would be called, being on the Clinton Payroll.
    FBI = Federal Bureau of LEAKS, BRIBERY aka Water Carriers for the Clintons.

  5. I'd get another review of the case. This is just the tip of the iceberg….
    What AREN'T they telling us. I'm sure it's more than just those agents. Bill clinton fired 98 DOJ Attys.. Trump needs to clean house everywhere!!
    Top to bottom…
    Check out Q!!
    Can you get onboard and do Q reviews?? Would be a great addition!! STILL bugging my cox cable co.
    Can you bug them too?
    I swear my requests go nowhere… LOVE OANN & Liz too!!💕Cheers!🎉

  6. No more waiting, no more hurdles. All this proves is that once again the criminals are above the law and if justice gets done it will have to come in the form of the population being vigilant. What would the founders do? Would they TRUST SESSIONS or pick up their minuteman rifles and draw blood? What happened at Lexington and Concord?

  7. Until Politicians start getting ARRESTED all of this is just DISTRACTION till the NEXT BULLSHITE Story…. It's how they get away with it… Rinse and Repeat as the SHEEPLE just Follow along and NOTHING EVER HAPPENS!!!!

  8. All FBI agents that were involved in criminal activity Kama which is not favorable to the American people should be considered treason. Therefore they should face a military trial and if found guilty must hang by the neck until dead.

  9. No justice will result from this, business as usual, corruption, criminals get promotions, make a movie, bla bla bla, Amerika land of me me me, home of the naive. These criminal traitors must be executed immediately or we all shut up forever and watch TV sports like the goddamn Goyim that we are, yes?

  10. aaaaaaaaand they still did nothing. Will do nothing to Killary or the FBI or CIA or anyone who has committed a felony who is a democrat above the pay grade of mayor. No justice for us. It stands for "Just us" and our rich friends get what ever we want with no consequences.

  11. At this point there is only one reasonable solution for an FBI that people could trust in at some point – completely dismantle the upper echelons and either promote those worthy from within or appoint from untainted agencies. That includes the CIA, DOJ, DHD, and NYPD out. This has to be done with the most strenuous screening because everyone must remember how long Weasel Comey used the FBI as his personal playpen.

  12. Many believed Trump should have fired Comey on day one, and questions still about how Rosenstein drafts memo about why Trump should fire Comey, then head an investigation into Trump under the guise of Russian Collusion…

  13. Yeah, Liz, traditional political "smoke and mirrors". Put up a smoke screen on one issue so,(hopefully), the people will forget about an uncomfortable one. The only problem with this is that,(except for the shenanigans of their cross-dressing patron " saint" J. Edgar), the FBI is not supposed to be a political organ. (And yes, take "organ however you want to… J. Edgar certainly did).

  14. COMEY IS SUCH A WORM. WHEN HE IS ARRESTED, HE WILL REVEAL ALL!! He will not go down alone. Killary was supposed to be president to pardon him in this exact situation!!