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Our Alcatel Idol 5S review! Last year was a tough year for the Idol brand. Many have criticized this company for taking a step away from the upper mid-range price tier. Can Alcatel recapture some of the magic of the ultra-cheap Idol 3S? Let’s take a look!

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Alcatel Idol 5S Review: Recovering at a Lower Price? | Pocketnow


Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Hey Juan, Yep, I was disappointed they didn't really improve on the 4S with this one. But as u say, price for quality is a factor for lots of us. Thanks again Juan.

  2. Anyone reading this PLEASE NEVER buy ALCATEL phones! Thier File Manager is Malware, intrusive and has ADS. You dont deserve to buy phone with ADS. Their File Manager also has lots of fake comments at the playstore. Again please do not buy Alcatel phones

  3. i dont want to know that shooter is top is of the line idk why people are always comparing to a flagship camera. you say out the budget phone category who has the best shooter in its own category!!

  4. I have this phone the only thing wrong with it is the battery life is awful you get 5 hours battery life and 3 hours for full charge from 0 to 100 how can you say that that battery life is good it'll get you through the day how absolutely not

  5. Tbh I would not go for 5s but rather 4s as it ditches the QHD display and downgrades to SD 625 rather then 652 and same thing with the skin and screen to body ratio , however this is still a great phone and should be still considered as 4s still has android 6.0 and this has 7.1 and better speakers, and most likely will be a better battery warrior due to its power efficienct CPU and display (better battery life than the 4s) and let's not forget, USB type C. Just depends on what you want.

  6. This is a phone that I seriously would consider recommending to budget-minded people I know. I'm very glad that Alcatel realized that the opening in the market was the better shift in strategy.

  7. My sister had the 5.5inch idol 3. It was a great phone with an amazing screen. It got water damage though… It would be great to see them make a 5.5 inch idol 5. I think the highest end phone they made was the idol 4s pro or something but it was windows only.