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Alleged Gunman Charged in Md. Newsroom Shooting

Alleged Gunman Charged in Md. Newsroom Shooting

The man who allegedly opened fire at a Maryland newspaper is set to appear in court. 38-year-old Jarrod Ramos is in police custody, and has been charged with five-counts of first degree murder in connection with the June 28 attack. One America’s Chloe Salsameda has the latest.

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  1. Whew ! It's going to be o.k. now ! I just saw David "waterhead" Hogg and the loud mouthed Mexican fur trader riding a tandem bicycle to the newsroom to get in a closet and make another CNN anti-gun video !

  2. I'd like to know why he is being identified as "white". Last time I checked Ramos is a Latino name. Or is the media letting slip that most "Latinos" are closer to "white" than anyone wants to let on. Where's my minority status?!

  3. PLEASE READ…..You know I had this crazy idea the other day that I bet there will be a mass shooting on the day the FBI director and the attorney general has to testify in front of the House…. and sure enough it happened…. odd… odds indeed

  4. I guess some individuals have had enough with fake news! Capital Gazette leaned left of center. When you push someone else's Unconstitutional socialist agenda on a free country and free people somethings gonna give.
    This will never STOP until the politicians on the left start doing their jobs Constitutionally instead of following someone else's bizzare dream of what AMERICA should be like.

  5. Did anyone else notice that they had a drill last week? One reporter actually called it an actor shooter instead of active. "Mistake" probably but…. thr truth finds a way.

  6. Lame stream media as usual,reported that a white man was responsible for the
    killings,LIARS! LIARS!, LIARS!, this was a deliberate racist hate crime,as all the victims are white,and the know murderer is Hispanic, did this news paper push
    one of this killers buttons,leading him to commit this heinous act of revenge?.
    This person was given permission,by a leftist liberal black woman,named Maxine Waters,to go on this execution spree,that this Hispanic man gladly
    carried out without a conscious hesitation in doing so.
    I've got to believe this is going to get much,much worse across the U.S.A.,
    as on the books immigration laws are finally fully enforced,and illegals,WILL
    push back against them,in the only way they know how,that being,physical
    force,and up to and including deadly force.
    Get ready Americans,the Democratic liberals,want a civil war,I hate to say this,
    you are going to need fire arms to protect your selves,get them and plenty of
    ammunition NOW! before matters blow up in your neighborhoods and then
    their will be massive runs on every local gun dealerships,when that happens
    it will already be to late for you!!!.
    Get your supplies in order NOW!,and if you believe in GOD,pray,pray,pray,pray,PRAY!!!.

  7. In other news… Maryland Legislators have announced an emergency meeting to discuss enacting (more) gun control laws for the state. It's expected to be a long session, as they are unsure what's left to add.

  8. what are all the big toilet paper suppliers doing surrounding themselves with all those guns? they're the ones who've said that guns are no protection against shooters!!! give them news makers…….uh….readers, a pocket full of rocks like they do the socialist liberal indoctrinators in our schools!!!?? (or just tell them to print the truth instead of lies)

  9. Gunman kills 5 people, police arrive in 60 Seconds I see how the police can save lives. I have never heard of a faster response time. It's also funny how the anti-gun media hires armed security to protect them

  10. But no security needed for schools just give teachers small bats. Anyone who believes these gun grabbing liberal democrats care about children, illegals, blacks or America us an idiot. They wouldn't even talk about the children being separated from parents until they could try and blame Trump for their failures and they want school shootings to take our guns. #veteransprotectingschools

  11. This is bull shit. This should be the golden age of security. But no they pay us shit dont open up any quasi law enforcement training for us and treat us like garbage. We are the unsung heroes we call the police for you we make contact with meth heads and chase them and homeless out of your shopping centers and communities. What do we get shit pay shit benefits and told you cant carry a weapon that your allowed by law and went through training for. You can't carry a baton beacuse it looks scary if were lucky we can carry oc spray. Wich means you need to get close. Not a good idea. So be cool to your local security guard hes got it rough.

  12. do not give this sack of shit air time.

    everyone that is in a carry state, get your permits and practice. then get a small pistol like a ruger lcp. a gun I am not a fan of, but you can literally carry it in your pocket without it being annoying. then get a holster in the waist or ankle or if you're a woman get one of those purses where it has a secret gun hiding spot. and carry it in the event this sort of things happens near you. I'd rather be fired than dead.