Sky news conducted an interview with Diane Abbott on defence, she hasn’t got a clue…

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  1. I don't support any British political party simply on the basis that they are all equal. All as corrupt as each other. But if the British electorate put Imam Corbyn and anti British campaigner comrade Abbot in No 10 they will have years to contemplate and regret their mistake. As the Britain they have known will be unrecognizable. They have the power now to keep them out. Use it.

  2. These Diane Abbott videos are the funniest 😂 vids on here they are even funnier the the funny vids, I always considered my self a bit thick but when I listen to her maths calculations I feel really clever, she's well worth the £100,00.00 + that we pay her, hopefully labour will never get in again or we are all fucked!😫

  3. I like how Sky News give the mentally challenged time on their news programs. Abbott is certainly not all there. How can we continue to allow morons like her to be accepted as an MP?

  4. Everyone else is the fool…
    Cos she fooled everyone n around her n became n MP on a top salary PLUS perks…
    That’s the irony…thick as shit…but she’s having the last erm
    The stuttering stammering oaf

  5. What a vile sweaty fat piece of festering shit; this vile bald cunt Abbott parasite is! Corbin must have been mentally deranged to fuck, fist or sodomize this repulsive diseased fatberg. It does not bath from one week to the next and since it has become incontinent and hugely obese from gorging junk fried chicken and junk food and so addled by drugs that it’s lost control of bodily functions and is forced to wear outsize nappies with obnoxious "zoo" odour. It should immediately go back to it’s Jamaican ghetto slum where its diseased whore mother came from! Please someone….. anyone – ‘take it out’!