Anthony Bourdain's 3 tips to a perfect burger

Chef and “Appetites” author Anthony Bourdain explains what goes into the perfect burger and when to add additional toppings.

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  1. fresh – unheated – bun + patty + 1 slice of processed cheese + 1 fresh, appropriately sized leaf of lettuce + 2 slices of red onions + mayonnaise + ketchup = a cheeseburger ( . )

  2. Thank you I've always said this. You see a carl's jr commercial or something with this huge monstrosity and all I can think is that does not look fun to eat…who would want to buy that

  3. He didn't cover what to season it with. I've found that no matter what I do, I still can't make a hamburger like I can get in a restaurant, I think a good restaurant quality burger starts with a type of ground beef you just can't get at the store

  4. Try this: on a hot BBQ grille, coals or gas is ok, wood is superb….sear both sides of a 1/3 pound meat patty, 3/4" (3cm) thick… add salt & pepper, toast your soft potato bun and set bun aside. . Cook the burger Medium, juicy and gray, not dry. Remove the meat patty from heat and plate it onto the toasted bun. Slice the burger in half and eat it "Plain". This is where you should START liking your burgers…NAKED .. with nothing on it! If you hate it, your bun is wrong and your meat is bad or over cooked or too thin! After this, experiment with a few ingredients until you find your sweet spot / perfect burger.

  5. Avoid the flour and chemically soaked American 'cheese' which is not cheese at all! It alters the flavor of the meat ! Have a naked burger, charred, but soft on the inside…medium well, salt & pepper, add the soft toasted potato bun (not too thick), fresh onions, fresh chopped sour pickles, fresh thick tomato slice, yellow mustard and a smear of mayo. That is a great burger! Eat some muenster on the side or swiss. Never eat fake cheese or fake anything!!!

  6. Gone too soon, but funny this is the conclusion I came to pretty recently with burgers.

    Restaurants and self-grillers throw on high-quality cheeses, exotic toppings and sauces, and it all gets sort of lost in the mess that is a hamburger.

    I’m a recent Kraft-single convert. One of those, sweet pickle chips, ketchup, and a leaf of romaine lettuce. Even hollow out the bun if I can so that the toppings don’t push upwards too much. ‘Tis an art.