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Anthony Joshua: Three gym-loving lads try to match AJ's workout – BBC Sport

Three gym-loving lads – Dan, James and Daishawn – try to match the impressive workouts of world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua. Could you do any better?

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. My nan could do more push ups than you.
    My mum could bench press more than you.
    My little sister has a harder punch than you.
    The old lady next door but one can run faster and further than you.
    Dot cotton has got a more realistic muscle definition than you.
    Little Tay is more scarier than you.
    Queen Khan was a more legit champion than you.
    Trevor Berbick would have smashed you in one round.
    Worzel Gummidge got more charisma than you.
    Carl pilkintons smarter than you.
    Their flat earth is more real than you.

  2. AJ can lift and lift, it matters how good you take a punch, when you get to top level boxing. AJ is like an enhanced Frank Bruno, will he be able to take full on right and left hooks, like Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes and Evander Holyfield at there peak. Or is AJ going to be a Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson can dish it out but when they meet someone with Iron will who can punch back, will he survive. Its boxing not Bodybuilding. These current boxers are fortunate they don't fight over 15 rounds like they use to, l think they should still fight over 15 rounds if its for all 4 belts WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO.

  3. i just did the math(s) and if anthony joshua is squatting 418 then i would only have to squat 242 to "match him". idk if i would feel like that is really the same thing.

  4. All the idiots talking about aj being on gear are fucking retards. 99% of the people in gyms aren't following a proper strength training program or using progressive overload. 190kg squat and 200kg deadlift are easily obtainable in 18-24 months for the average healthy adult following a proper program while eating in a caloric surplus.

  5. Didn't see AJ squat 190kg. Don't see how it would benefit him to lift that much as a boxer. Frankly, I can't think of any boxer that could squat really heavy weight and if there's no evidence, I don't believe it. AJ's squatting, if he does any, would be with a lighter load for lots of reps to develop endurance.
    Also, at AJ's weight, 190kg is not heavy for someone who lifts weights. A serious lifter would lift approx 230kg drug free and 300kg-400kg if they hit 'the sauce.'

  6. This video is pointless , aj’s numbers in the gym aren’t going to blow anyone away simply because he trains more for endurance and speed , 200kg deadlift and 190kg squat for an 18 stone man is laughable , I’m 70kg and can dead 190 and squat 160 and I’m nothing special believe me , to show of his real talent you should get these boys in the ring for a few Rounds , they would be blowing out there arse !!!

  7. Anyone who thinks that AJ is on steroids is dumb as hell. He isnt even that massive. The only way to know if someone is roiding is to look if he has 3D delts (Shoulders are the biggest indicators)

  8. Most of these comments are crazy, don’t take shit so serious. This is just for a laugh.. people are missing the point. Yes if they trained for 6 months it would be easier, but it’s all about taking 3 lads out of the normal routine in a gym and trying AJs workout. Watch and in joy.

  9. AJs a Pussy and a Fraud

    Lennox Lewis , Carl Froch, Tyson Fury, Daniel Dubois, Amir Khan, Evander Holyfield, Joseph Parker, King Kong Ortiz , Winky Wright, and Jerrell Miller are all on record calling aj a coward and a pussy for DUCKING Wilder and Ortiz.

    I find British boxing fans to be intelligent . I find aj fans to be idiots. I’m glad the Brit’s are finally waking up and calling out Hearn and aj for ducking Wilder and Ortiz

  10. BBC sport bullshit! Joshua is a steroid head he is a juiced up to his eyeballs and these three wannabes are also on Juice, i can spot someone who cheats a mile off, but the BBC bastard's who steal money off people for their shitty TV license don't care and they call this bollocks entertainment, they have conned the British public for years just look at the Jimmy Savile scandal, a pervert employed by the BBC , they knew but did fuck all, the BBC is also fucking biased towards staying in the EU so they feed the British public fake news and scare tactics, just watch Question Time it's a fixed show which is BBC EU biased, so all this shit about how fucking great AJ is is bullshit, he is a steroid drug cheat who is afraid to fight Wilder, he is a pumped up bodybuilder who wears boxing gloves, a fraud who will be exposed and beaten soon , So fuck off BBC with your shitty channels and your Nazi TV licence !

  11. U guys dont get that steroids and hgh are not the monster people say they are, if u take low dose with good medics wacthing u, the risk is very low and the results are amazing, most athlete's and many movie star use it, so compare guys training natural vs athlete's is stupid, they body is gona react very diferent to training…
    Now if u take crazy huge dose with no medical care having no idea what is happens to your body u gona get fucked…