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This is the iPhone Xs, the smaller version of Apple’s latest flagship.. and this.. Well it’s not an iPhone Xs, but it almost is. The biggest question we’ve got on social media is if it’s worth upgrading from an iPhone X to an iPhone Xs, and well, I think this is the first year where it’s debatable to even call this an upgrade. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and this is iPhone Xs vs iPhone X, brought to you by the geniuses over at Wix.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Main upgrade is the A12 chip, first 7nm which is future proofing, that IMO is worth the extra. The T2 chip, the better AI, stereo recording, improved data speeds, faster wifi, better camera and extra year of support all means paying the extra is in fact easily worth it. Of course if you already have the iPhone X the upgrade is probably not worth it and that is why the XS Max are selling 4x more than the smaller version. It is an S upgrade so you have to use your common sense and keep you expectations to reality not some silly misconception that phones have to redesign every year, you only do that if you cannot sell. 2018 was never about the XS, that is irrelevant for Apple’s growth, the bottom line is going to be about the Max and the XR , two new product lines. These are what will define Apple’s success, the XS is a space saver and expecting anything different is unrealistic.

  2. I feel like there's a legit bias between tech youtubers to bash apple when the upgrade is not big enough. I'm not sure what you should expect out of the upgrades after a big change a year ago from iPhone X.

    Galaxy s9 and s9+ was a small upgrade from s8 and s8+ which several people have actually mentioned in the reviews and when the note 9 came out some reviewers are also saying it's a pretty negligible upgrade from s9+ albeit the larger battery.

    So why has apple received so much flak for doing a small upgrade but the fanboys are masturbating over note 9?

    I think there's a good plus positive point to take here from apple and that is just how relevant their past products are still currently. I'm not just talking about iPhone X, but phones like iPhone 7 Plus becomes an insanely good bang for buck that runs super quick with the current iOS 12.

    Why I bought my max over note 9 was simply because the way apple always gives out new iOS to older iPhones. Yes, I did cringe over the money I spent when I clicked that pre-order button, but I know I'll be happy 2 years down the line, just as I was happy with my iPhone 7

  3. Only read this is an upgrade is if you had the X and wanted the max since it was a plus size version and even then I'd ask why'd you get the smaller X when it came out instead of getting the 8+? As for those who have an X and simply upgraded to the regular XS, can I borrow some of that money because obviously you're swimming in it lol. Honestly tho unless you had a 7 or under (and even a 7 is pushing it) it's just not a worthwhile upgrade. Again, unless you wanted an iPhone X style phone that's bigger or was REALLY digging the gold color…

  4. iPhone Xs is just a small, negligible upgrade over the X from last year. Hence the reason Apple pull the X from sales for fear people will just buy the X instead of the Xs this year.

  5. So… Maybe Apple discontinued iPhone X was so that someone shouldn't end up buying iPhone X("The Best iPhone ever in 2017") when trying to buy an iPhone XS ("The Best iPhone Ever in 2018").

  6. I bought new iPhone X and Hero 7 for video and taking great pictures. Xs is not worth the upgrade because cameras too me on all current flagships are not that great.If you want amazing portable camera, just buy hero 6 or hero 7. iPhone X now works amazing with ios 12 and i love it.

  7. Another biased clickbait video bashing the iPhone to get attention. It’s obvious Samsung has paid YouTube streamers to all say the exact same thing. The Galaxy S9 is the same as the S8 but notice these bloggers won’t mention that #Exposed

  8. I have had every plus but the x has a longer screen borders withstanding. I can’t see myself enjoying the max I tried it out it really feels too big so size is meh. 10 or so percent faster, then the camera smoothing. I’m sorry I prefer how the color is on the X yes the hdr is nice but overall the camera feels like it really has a built in Snapchat filter even on shots without people. I’m glad I bought the X First iPhone I’m gonna try use for multiple years. Figured I’d give it a try since I saw how well ios12 works on the 5s and the fact this same basic design will be used for a few years, why upgrade?

  9. XS is made for people who are upgrading from older phones like the iphone 6s/7. It is a very good upgrade for me. Not everyone changes phones every year like you do, Jaime…

  10. Which proves how much apple phones are great long lasting for years , unlike all other Android phones..
    On contrast, every half year one plus releases new hardware that make previous models look silly…