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One of the coolest parts about reviewing gadgets is that you get to play with most, if not all of them,.. And after that review period is done, you get to pick which one you want to keep using as your daily driver. I think it’s no secret that I like using smartwatches. Some for their elegance, and others for how great they assist me in fitness. But the watch I always end up drifting back to is the Apple Watch Series 2.

Like with every first generation Apple product, I hated the first Apple Watch. I don’t think I got my money’s worth as the watch aged, and even today as my son uses it, it continues to prove that it was definitely a terrible investment.

The Apple Watch Series 2 is a different animal. Watch our latest episode of After The Buzz to learn more.


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Apple Watch Series 2 After The Buzz | Pocketnow


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  1. To be honest I bought this Watch as soon as it said it could count my laps in the swimming pool.

    It's brilliant for swimming.

    WatchOS4 should be bringing some great improvements.

  2. Apple Watch series 2 = 10/10

    My main uses:-
    1) swimming and counting laps and times.
    2) Running and recording my lap and time.
    3) Using Apple Pay.
    4) Telling the time.
    5) Checking the temperature and chance of rain.
    6) Looks very sexy.
    7) Changeable bands from Amazon.
    8) Customisable Watch Faces.
    9) Great battery life (2 days)
    10) Wireless Charging.
    11) Whatsapp and checking messages.

  3. All I want in a sport watch / smart watch with health apps is an accurate heart rate monitor and smart sleep alarm. Are there any that have this combination? Even the Fitbit HR doesn't have a smart alarm function, and the Apple Watch doesn't track sleep. Bah!