Apple’s 2019 iPhone Event In 12 Minutes

At its 2019 iPhone event, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. The company also debuted a new iPad and the Apple Watch Series 5, along with giving updates about Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ . Here’s everything you need to know from the event.

Watch Apple Unveil The New iPad’
Watch Apple Unveil The Apple Watch Series 5

Watch Apple Unveil The New iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max


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Apple’s 2019 iPhone Event In 12 Minutes

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Dear Apple, my bar for you was set low and you somehow managed to go under it. Switched to Samsung last week and thanks to Apple for confirming it was the right choice. It's offensive at this point that they are giving their consumers 2-year-old tech but throw in a new chip and Jason Momoa and people will eat that shit up.

  2. Ok lets just appereciate the fact that iphone 11 will sell like hot cakes. But at the same time i don't see much point on buying the pro models. $300-400 more and the only real advantage is the amoled display.

  3. Sad to see a company that was known for innovation now offering nothing new. Who is going to buy a top ranging phone with notch display. It's just so yesterday. Perhaps they have forgotten that the exterior matter as much as the interior.

  4. My $300 Galaxy A70 has everything the all these have but with 14 hours of screen on time with an addition to a fingerprint reader/ better screen to body ratio/ a faster 25W charger(that actually comes in the box unlike last year's iphones where you had to buy that fast charger separately) … and don't even let me started on that contrast ratio bullshit. Next year their top of the line model will be called iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G Ultimate for $1700 for the 512GB model or something like that

  5. Public-Apple whats new?
    🍎- we have added great cameras and a whole lot of innovation like wide angle camera & we use recycle aluminium
    Public- samsung is 10 years far away then you
    🍎- but we have a lot of privacy
    Public- wow im ready to sell my Organs and buy an iphone
    🍎: thats truly an apple Fan🤣🤣😂

  6. To summarize,
    Apple : this is something Android already have.
    Audiences : woohoo
    Seriously, Idk what you're woohooing about anymore.
    Just switched to android after 8 years of Apple products. I'm not an android fan. I'm just a disappointed Apple user.