Apple's Secret Keynote Formula, Explained

Apple’s keynotes have been an essential part of its brand for over twenty years. The techniques Apple’s presenters use may not be immediately obvious, but they are effective, and they create enormous anticipation prior to Apple’s multiple product launches. Watch the video above to see how an Apple keynote’s structure breaks down. 

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Apple’s Secret Keynote Formula, Explained

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Yeah Apple keynotes are best I watched Galaxy note 10 keynote you can tell Samsung trying to copy Apple style but doesn’t work.
    Reason Apple Keynotes are awesome because of Steve Jobs still are. I’m excited for Apple Event on Tuesday. Yes Apple fanboy.

  2. The tricks they use to control you like a puppet while getting super rich in the process. 3:08 even the pictures they choose to put on the big screen are chosen carefully to influence your political views, dangerous people.

  3. Absolutely fascinating! The science and mastery of marketing demonstrated in full force each year with Apple's presentations. Certainly after the presentation, people will start going over the numbers and go like "WTF is this low-spec shit!"… Apple's detractors aren't wrong. Many of them hate how they have taken control of the consumer tech industry with an emphasis on form over function. They made it a luxury to own their smartphone.

    But this presentation is at the core of what makes Apple special: The human story of how this particular product will "change the world" or "make everything better". Google could make something like this, but I'm not so sure about Samsung. Xiaomi in China has tried to duplicate this, but they are missing the "human" element. They duplicated the looks of an Apple presentation, not the "ideas" behind it.

  4. Oppo user here. I don't think Apple products are ridiculously expensive. Sure, they're out of most people's budget range, but they're also priced around the same as other flagship phones from top end brands. And let's be honest, making fun of Apple's prices is such an outdated joke lol y'all needa find new things to complain about 😂