Astronomers think there's another planet in our solar system

Astronomers have detected signs for another planet in our solar system. They have nicknamed it ‘Planet 10’. Here is everything we know about it so far.

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  1. To add to my comment a lightyear is a ambiguous term NASA says a lightyear is how far light travels in 1 year, lets says we can get to Mars and survive there the days re shorter thus changing  the time lightneeds to travel to reach the same thing it took light to reach from Earth or anything else for that matter so in my opinion lightyears do not exist, its just a term is to guess at how far far away objects are. for sure NASA did no measure light traveling in Billions because they would have to reach 999 Billion before the could go to Trillions. You would shorten the lightyear time but increase the number of lightyears  from those recorded on Earth

  2. How the hell can Nasa report something there is no proof of its existing? Must be a money grab to make another probe they will eventually destroy. here is a thought bring back the probe they sent in deep space that they will most likely lose contact with anyway., I promise you planet 10 is there, but we do not know where there is lol !!, Another NASA joke is lightyear like Stars are lightyears away its a guess no one can tell how far light goes in a year unless they rode a beam of light for a year.

  3. The lXth Planet a.k.a Planet Nine is Pluto. Yes Pluto is Planet because its round shape !

    The 10th Planet a.k.a Planet X is probably Nibiru.

    So,,the description in this video should be The Planet Xl