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This review has been a long time coming. Originally announced back in January, the ZenFone 3 Zoom has been waiting for a software update to deliver Nougat, and to enable some advanced camera features. We’ve been playing with that update for the last week, so now it’s time to share our thoughts on this dual camera shooter.

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Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom Review: Now with Nougat! | Pocketnow


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  1. Do not buy this phone (or any other Asus products for that matter)! Here is why: I decided to buy a smart phone from a less known brand because it would safe me some money. After receiving the phone, there were some minor issues (e.g. I set the phone to Dutch, but there were a lot of spelling errors), but I accepted these since the phone was quite cheap. After about a month or so, the phone fell from my pocket while I was sitting down. It dropped no more than a foot. It has a rubber case and glass screen protector, so I expected nothing had happened. I was wrong. The screen was cracked (not the screen protector though, that was still fine) and it stopped working in total. I was pretty pissed because this should not happen, but I assumed Asus would understand and repair the screen for me. Wrong again! They told me that even though I have a one-year warranty, they only cover manufacturing defects and that there is nothing they could do. I send them multiple emails, asking them to reconsider, since this clearly was a manufacturing defect (no screen should crack under these circumstances, let alone stop working). They refused and told me I could have it fixed… For 290$! That is the same amount I payed for the phone when I bought it. I am still considering if I should fix the phone or take my loss and just go back to the decent phone brands that, so far, have never disappointed me (Samsung, Huawei, iPhone, etc.). I will never in my life buy an Asus product again. Please be warned, do not buy this phone!

  2. I have 2 dead LG-G4 phones with about 7 batteries I used it for ebay sales. I had complete control of the camera. I refuse to stack a 3rd g4 on the pile defective crap. Good when it works but it is inherently flawed

  3. I did consider an ASUS phone, but their ugly and bloated crapware turned me away. Android needs to be stock for me, so I'll stick with Motorola.

  4. I can tell you there is one thing ASUS got right, is the massive battery under back cover. If ASUS will continue making mid-range phones with 5000mAh battery I'm sticking with them forever. Not sure why most brands can not sacrifice few millimeters of thickness over bigger batteries. TAKE NOTE OTHER MANUFACTURERS.

  5. This device is expensive compared to the likes of Lenovo K8 note or for that matter Xiaomi Mi 5x or Mi 6 that offer far more value for money..Asus has off late resorted to some skimming tactics of pricing their phone high during first 6-7 months of launch after which they drastically reduce them.

  6. I need to buy a budget phone around $300 with a good display and camera, a reasonable software experience and performance and 3Gb/32Gb minimum. So what will it be? Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom or Moto Z Play? Or…did i miss…Great video. Thumbs up!