After their guest appearance on The Daily Show, Mark and John join Trevor Noah in the green room, where he talks Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and U.S. elections in general.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. If Halpo and Heileman weren't pussyhat apologists for America, they would have rolled this ignorant asshole and spent the rest of the clip in a diner looking through his phone and wallet. Being a strident, uninformed egoist is not comedy unless the joke is on you. Send him back if he hates the USA so much. He could go home and steal a farm from a white devil. Cheap!

  2. it's clear and true that from a foreigner's point of view, I find the american electoral system is old fashioned. You're like, Gosh, we are in the 21st century and those guys act like they are still in the 18th century.. so weird. Still, contrary to the rest of the world, the US do things reverse: measures, elections. Maybe, it worked for a while, but that has become so outdated..

  3. Lindsey Graham changed direction with the wind. Now that Trump is president he sucks up to him, before he wished him dead. "He's a great fun guy". Noah, are you dum? Graham is a hypocrite, a lying sycophant, a pipsquek without any sense of direction in his life, only going where the money and fame is. So are all of America's politicians!

  4. "I never thought that there would be a day when I would be sitting in the room with a black South African telling me that South African political system is better than the American political system….that's a fu……that;s.. How fucking serious man"

    The guy sounds so angry though. The anger that one gets when they hear the truth they don't wanna hear especially from someone who they perceive to be nothing. If he could, that guy would HAVE deployed Trevor that very moment LoL.

  5. The one gentlemen said: I never thought I'd live to see the day that a black African would tell an American that his system needs to change. Or so. This is it America, other countries are passing you by if you don't upgrade. Be aware. #20January.

  6. The system broken only because the representatives no longer represent majority of the people. its about self interest and how they can retire or become a lobbyist. lobbyist is a big business because they get to get paid to wine and dine our representatives in gov't to get them to lean on, who ever the lobbyist work for. Monsantos, kochs bro, NRA, tysons ect. You name it there's a lobbyist for it.

  7. "-When you started doing this show, you were not a political comedian per se.
    -Like you were not an Am, this was not your_
    -I wasn't an American political comedian.
    -That's what I mean."
    So America-centered.

  8. USA the first democratic constitution? the best? Are you telling a joke? I like you Noa, but you shouldn't talk when you really don't know about something…The first democratic constitution was in Poland! in 1791! then France!…and, if you want to talk about "best" system/constitution, well, you should be studying a litte about Filand, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Canada, among others.

  9. I LOVE YOU TREVOR!!! … I mean, I love what you're saying. The US ABSOLUTELY NEEDS a parliamentary system! I find it bonkers how so many people around me my whole life, whenever this is brought up, have spit on the parliamentary system and think the American political system is so much better, despite the fact that a parliamentary system with proportional representation is obviously superior. Makes me want to naturalize to another country….

  10. trevor noah's views on politics and history are so clearly made up as he goes along – its all buckshot. its a bit of a silly sight watching americans take him as an authority of "rest of world", or even south africa – he basically has mastered the art of telling liberals what he thinks they want to hear. his south african history is probably the most tragic part of this busk. such a waste of charm and charisma.

  11. Hey Trevor, the establishment-Republican and Democratic is run by big banking and the private Federal Reserve Bank. This is why the democratic principles within our ORIGINAL CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC are not used as much as they should be. Bankers-big bankers- run the politicians as well as the large multinational corporations they favor with the newly created debt money on their ledgers. Money-bookkeeping ink money- runs the country. For instance, the average leverage rate(the rate at which money is created in the biggest of banks) is at an all time high of 50 to one for these large commercial banks and the FED is even higher at between 70-80 to one. These rates represent a 5,000; 7,000 and 8,000 percent markup on deposits held in these banks. As a result we get a corporatocracy-(rule by corporations, individually themselves considered a person). Our once constitutional republic is ridden over by these corporate and banking entities. The people at large are really not valued as voters. We have only large blocs of voters represented which kowtow to the corporations and the large banks, with even sometimes these large blocs not really dealing with the debt money system. Hillary and Bernie will support this kind of money system which is only represented as Wall Street bankers. In reality the problem is much larger than just Wall Street. Trump on the other hand becomes an unknown, even though he's at times said he'd audit the FED. But will Trump really get into the overriding problem of banking leverage like John Kennedy and president Lincoln did by going around private banking with the use of interest/debt free United States Notes spent into circulation-not borrowed into circulation-straight out of the U.S.Treasury? This remains to be seen, but at least there's somewhat of a marginal hope, however marginal, that he might just do that like Kennedy did with Executive order #1110 and Lincoln did with The National Bank Act of 1862. Last thing is, if we'd been using interest/debt free United States Notes since the end of the Viet Nam War(1975), our national debt by now(2016) would be ZERO(0). To give you an example of debt money getting out of hand is the British people finished paying off the debt run up from the Napoleonic Wars(1815) in 1979. Something to think about, maybe? Well I doubt it because the large media entities like the one represented here won't ever let you get into a discussion of this subject. It's the type of honesty that would be banned by the banks supporting media companies with working capital, bridge loans, capital investment loans, etc. The people will remain ignorant because the media too is complicit in exacerbating the problem of the high leverage in the big banks and the FED.