Barnier Says EU and U.K. Aren't in a Position to Reach Brexit Deal Yet

Oct.09 — The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier says “time is pressing” to get a deal with the U.K. but that both sides aren’t in a position to reach an agreement yet. He spoke at the European Parliament in Brussels.

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  1. What the eu are attempting is an an 'anschluss' of NI, this cannot be allowed. No fan of Johnson but, he made a serious compromise offer to the eu which was rejected out of hand. It's time to leave.

  2. Britain wasn’t always a part of the EU which did fine without it, in acting like it needs Britain, who begged to get in from being irrelevant and a struggling economy collapsing, of their not being any interest of it joining, so it’s BS of the eu needing britain, where the reality is it needs to drag everyone else down with it, in needing others to suffer inorder to remaini relevant buy creating a level playing field, in real fear of not being able to manage on its own from isolation while others are unified, and being fearful in being stuck between the EU and the United States towards being prayed on, of having to bend to their demands by having no leverage power, when it comes to making a good trade deal.

  3. An unelected parliament holding the uk to ransom, interfering with our democracy, colluding with the the traitorous mps that want to remain, all backed by George soros… criminals all of them.

  4. barnier,boris is a voted in uk mp/pm by the public and his own party voters,,YOU BARNIER ARE NEITHER,you are a corupted crooked system of elites who force through the people you want,like drunker and junker dealer