Bernie Sanders Announces He's Disqualified For President

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Trump is literally a traitor, making shady dealings with foreign governments to investigate his political opponents. Please reply with your mental gymnastics that you use to rationalize making a deal with Ukraine.

  2. He's mocking the true believers.
    Tell me, do you "believe" in Aristotle, or Galileo? Why?
    True believers cannot reason themselves out of a paper bag–he and every other socialist know this.
    The US Constitution has some value, mostly with the Bill of Rights constraining the government, but it has largely been ignored and buried with subsequent legal precedent.
    You need to understand things, and to be able to reason about them, not to point to them and say you "believe" in them. You have to be able to think for yourselves if you are going to beat the neo-communist takeover. You need to know 'why', not just appeal to authority of founders, tradition, etc.

  3. He has (The VA) and will (MFA) be fighting for all of you guys too regardless of your support. But I urge you to view other sources to get your information from too, because this OAN doesn't really reflect reality.

  4. The Founders would never have believed we would allow islam to take a foothold here and in our government. If they had, they would have outlawed it as dangerously subversive to our Republic and completely incompatible with our Constitution.