Bets Off for a Brexit Breakthrough

Mar.06 — The British government is said to see early Monday as the absolute deadline for Brexit talks with the European Union. Sources in Brussels think that whatever they offer won’t be enough to let Theresa May’s deal pass through parliament. Bloomberg’s David Finnerty reports on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia.”

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  1. This is more farcical than when Neville Chamberlain met with Hitler 1938, and on return confidently announced that he had secured "peace for our time". History will judge May to be cut from the same cloth. No deal please. So long and thanks for the fish.

  2. I want to invest into the pound when it hits the ground, I can wait a few years, and a lot of people will do that, so the pound will not stay down for that long, but that’s actually at the moment a very bad news for trade.

  3. The take from elsewhere. Its pretty easy.
    There is an EU sandbox where you have to obey the common rules to play. You
    have to bring your toys and share the others toys. Then one child spits
    the dummy and says he's leaving. The rest of the kids in the sandbox
    say, fine. Fuck off by March 29 and take your toys with you and don't
    take any of ours. Then the miscreant says, umm well actually we want a
    special agreement on how we fuck off. We sort of want some of the things
    we like about the sandbox but we don't want to obey the rest of the
    rules. Just what suits us. Then the rest say no, you wanted to fuck off,
    so leave. You are not special anymore. Sorry about the kid wearing
    green at the corner of the sandbox who only put one leg out. That kid
    has to make a decision…in or out.
    It really is that simple.

  4. Would it be wrong to hang BRitish dictators trying to ignore British democracy. Should UK politicians that try to block democracy be treated in a different way to that ofother world dictators, or should they behang like the scum they are.

  5. T May’s deal will be the death of Britain. A no deal will not hurt the UK much at all. Just for a short while. T Nay is failing to lessen to good advise such as leaving under article 24. Trading under GATT. It is Universal. Britain traded under GATT from 1948 until 1995 with no problems at all. It will be much easier than we have two years trading under GATT todo a trade deal with the EU. A much softer landing though I see nothing wrong with WTO. The Politicians that don’t want us to leave without a deal is because they don’t want to leave at all. They would rather leave our fate to the German run EU who will give us a life of shear Hell.

  6. I'm a bit baffled that in the British media an extension is often taken as a given, as in the graphic shown at the 0:42 minute mark: "U.K. exit – if vote to extend"
    The UK cannot extend the transition period, it can ask for an extension to which all 27 EU member states need to agree.
    It's not guaranteed at all that the EU will unanimously grant this wish. Elections to the European Parliament are coming up at the end of May; the UK's seats have already been redistributed. Yet, if the UK hasn't left until then, elections must be held in the UK as well.
    This, combined with the fact that the past 2½ years have not exactly been used in the most efficient way is not an incentive to grant an extension.
    The UK will have to have a good reason; a "we want to hang on a bit longer (and probably keep getting on your nerves)" will not do it.
    The UK has voted to leave, Article 50 is triggered. The UK, and the UK alone, is responsible for not finding a realistic position that will pass their domestic parliament.

  7. it's not us, it you! Leave! Do it! We dare you. We double dare you. You drank yourselves stupid on cocktails of anti EU rhetoric for years and you want to blame the rest of us for your drinking habit. Grow up and grow a pair. Get prepared for WE TOLD YOU SO!

  8. We voted to stay associated with the UK, in part of having access to the European Union.. Scotland didn't vote for only access to England. Its ok, we are leaving this sinking ship of the UK by 2021!!

  9. Choosing and backing May as PM was the biggest mistake the Brexiteer Conservatives had made after Brexit. If they had a Brexiteer as PM, they could simply run out the clock and let the UK drop out of the EU on March 29th as the voters had originally voted for.

  10. No, everyone does not agree that WTO No Deal is a bad thing. In fact, that's the only actual/real Brexit that is on the table. Why is Bloomberg always pushing the false message that it's bad and everyone hates it? Is Bloomberg fake news propaganda?

  11. Technically, the referendum was not binding, but it would obviously look bad to over-ride it. Cameron said that he would abide by it but did a runner immediately, humming the song "Abide with me". One method of honouring the referendum would be to revoke Article 50 (rather than extend it) and brazenly start planning for a proper, well-organised EU exit, including preliminary trade deals with WTO members and taking as much time as we needed: years if necessary. The EU could not stop us: their own court said so. In fact, it would be in their interests anyway. However, I don't think Theresa May has the balls (unless this turns out to be her master plan, of course, in which case I will be doing the Walk of Atonement naked through Cirencester and explaining the matter to the magistrates afterwards). The plan would respect the referendum and avoid both May's deal and a WTO situation for which we are not ready. I have solved the problem.

  12. Brexit was about IMMIGRATION!!!!!!!!!! It's not about trade, it's not about anything else except for IMMIGRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are sick of all the migrants pouring in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The people in the studio are laughing with embarassment over having to cover Brexit yet another day. Rumour is that in the event of no deal UK goverment will drop most tariffs by 90% which will accomplish two things; 1) It will make UK the first de-industrialized country in the world, with nearly no agricultural output 2) It will practically remove the incitament for any nation to strike a trade deal with the UK. It is like playing Russian roulette with two fully loaded guns. If by chance one bullet was not enough, the second is sure to end the misery.

  14. Game theory: A lot of answers to be attained, Britain best options is a no deal Brexit. Some understand why. What Europe needs to do is to plan for a no deal Bexit and maximize their position, otherwise, the whole project is a dead duck…

  15. Honestly think at this point the best solution is just for everyone to agree that the last 5 years never happened and move on business as usual

  16. EU cant give UK what they want because the remaining 27 will want the same which will mean the end of the EU project.
    The only logical and possible way to leave is no deal WTO. Or stay in the EU and pretend nothing happened for the last two years and end Democracy in the UK .