Bill Clinton Slams Donald Trump's Wall Proposal

April 26 – While stumping for his wife in Indianapolis, former President Bill Clinton criticized Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s plan for putting up a wall on the Mexican border. He said that his wife has been outspoken in saying “it is crazy for us to think we can build a wall when the battle we’re fighting is inside the hearts and minds of people.”

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  1. All these democrats and former presidents paraded around made false promises on keeping our borders safe and rid away from illegal immigrants but when Trumps comes put and preaches about it, its a different story.

  2. LMAO! Slick Willy just needs to hide his sex predator mug and say nothing about anything for the remainder of his worthless life! trump is enough of a disgrace to our nation without his stink……..LOL! Out there campaigning for that lying ass hag he's married to. Willy and Billary need to simply exile themselves to Greenland and stay put.

  3. Ohh I’m sad for him she hates him, they even did not live in the same place but he has to support her cause if he didn't she will become his nightmare she's a real sociopath I feel sorry for him

  4. God preserve you M'Lord William of House Clinton <3 I truly love you and M'Lady Hillary of Houses Rodham and Clinton <3 This Knave will never be my President !!!!! For fucksake !!!!!!!!!!! Fuck The Night King