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Carrying a BlackBerry in 2015 is an invitation to be interrupted. You’re bound to be asked by some well-meaning friend or nosey stranger “is that a BlackBerry? Do people still use those?” And while the answer to that question is an unqualified yes, the more interesting question is “what’s that like?” I’m Michael Fisher with Pocketnow, and I spent a few weeks finding out. This is our video review of the BlackBerry Classic.

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BlackBerry Classic Review: The Very Best of Yesterday | Pocketnow


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  1. Here in 2019, Got a Key2 and I'm absolutely loving it. Although OS 10 has been abandoned, the Key2, with its host of proprietary productive applications is simply awesome. BB <3

  2. I have an iPhone XS Max, I’m getting back to the blackberry, more simple and I just need a good phone to make calls not more
    My old iPhone is gonna be for photography

  3. I LOVE blackberry.
    Android and IOS is so boring. All phones now are just clones of each other.
    Yes blackberry don't have many apps but I don't use my phone to play candy crush lol.
    It's durable, it's unique and is secure.
    Plus Samsung and apple are ripping you off. £1000/$1000.
    Come on guys can you see yourself lol

  4. All they needed to do was use one of the same OLED screens from one of the other models so we could have OLED sweetness and also plenty of spares. Also. maybe it was just me but in the early 00's I never bothered to check the ram or the processor… i didn't even care what operating system it had on it.