Nov. 9 — President-Elect Donald Trump shocked the world with a victory in the 2016 presidential election. Here’s how the night unfolded on “Bloomberg Politics: Election 2016.”

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  1. I get tingles in my legs when I see the folded creases of
    Trump's pressed trousers as he won this Election.
    My heating bills, utitilty bills, college loans will all be
    Paid for now, with Trump's (stash) cash. I will also get
    New kitchen appliances for my apartment. Free, baby,
    Free! Thank you, Trump!

  2. I wish my friends in blue could have seen my face when the electoral vote counter went over 270. Moreover I wish I could have seen their faces, my best friend wouldn’t talk to me for 3 days just because I correctly predicted the election. (Well he kept on saying I did technically I got New Hampshire and Wisconsin wrong. (I had trump at 300 to Hillary’s 238.) But I was certainly closer than he was since he had Hillary at 303 to Trump’s 235 😂

  3. Democrats have been sowing the seeds of discord for decades and what we see occurring in this great nation today are the fruits of their labor. There will be no coming together…the hostile takeover attempt is not going unnoticed.

  4. The people who oppose Trump embrace the 3rd world, their wretched economies, dirty politics and no hope for the future(that's why they're all trying to get to the USA).  Eight years of Obammy's corruption, contempt for our culture and hatred for the Constitution got Trump elected. And the Dems want to stay on that course? That's insanity.

  5. Okay, Trump. It's been many months now and we're not coming together. Instead, your supporters are being attacked everywhere and it appears minority-on-white crime/violence is at an all time high. What are you going to do about it? What happened to your promise of stricter law enforcement? Get off your dead butt and support those who supported you.