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Blue states pushing for bypass of electoral college in future elections

Blue states pushing for bypass of electoral college in future elections

A growing number of blue states are making efforts to bypass the electoral college, and instead decide future presidential elections with the popular vote. One America’s Chris Pocock has more on their strategy and why conservatives say the move is likely unconstitutional.

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  1. There are two things we the people need to start demanding be changed if we want to save our country.

    We need to severely reduce the pay of all politicians. No politician should be wealthy. They’re here to serve us not get rich off us.

    Second, we need to demand every member of the democrat party banned from politics. Refill the party with new people and hope for better results.

    If only we could come together to force these changes.

  2. This is absolutely terrifying. They’ll get away with this if something isn’t done and when they do they’ll get permenent control of the country and then will proceed to run it into the ground. We should be doing some yellow vest riots in Washington right now.

  3. I’d love to see this go through, best believe it wouldn’t sit well with the country, and best believe I’ll be there Doing something about this treason against the constitution. “It’s not fair wahhhhhhh” damn adults acting like Marxist children

  4. If the Electoral College is eliminated, smaller states won’t have a fair chance of choosing our president. It levels the playing field between highly populated states and the less populated states like Mass, RI, West Virginia etc..

  5. Hmmmm…..Well, you become The United States of America because of the Constitution and that includes the Electoral Votes. But if you bypass the Electoral Votes, will the Union be still valid? Or is it being a President a popularity contest? LOL……

  6. The more I see democracy at work the more impressed I am by our founding fathers for at times like this the Constitution shows it's true wisdom it's the Constitution that's under attack we the people of the United States Must fight to preserve the Constitution this is the lefts gold to eliminate the Constitution

  7. What a great idea. Politicians will only have to concentrate their campaigns on the people who count, New Yorkers and Californians, and once in office they won't have to bother with keeping all those lesser peoples outside of those two states happy. They can take from them at will with no fear of losing office and use all tax revenue to keep the important people happy. Sounds like the kind of paradise democracies always bring. Kind of makes me wish that the U.S. was a republic.

  8. When the Democrats got their N!gger elected and a couple of white trash by means of the electoral college it was great, but when we got what we wanted it's not so great.

  9. That’s bullshit!! I am not going to let New York and California elect our President! Fuck that! Sorry ass democrats can’t get over they lost a rigged election that Hillary was guaranteed to win. All leftist are sick in the head and are heading more towards socialism then I have ever seen in my life. I hope the republicans we have can stop this insanity!! Or we will be sure of that!!!

  10. Fuck democrats
    Every time they lose they want to change the rules .
    FUCK YOU !!!

  11. The electoral college was designed for land owners to have a voice not city dwellers. That had no stake in the economy. The land owners would feed and produce for the country. In textiles and farming. These were concessions made by the south and the Democrats. Its like you live in a small town. And they have three big companies that employ 90 percent of the population in the town. And the town has 2000 in population. This town can make all the rules and regulations for the whole county. Including the 3 land owners or rural communities wich belong to the same county. Or state. That's pretty much what started the civil war in America. I think we should take the vote away from someone who has no stake in America. Oh crap does that sound familiar?