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Border Patrol Video Shows Young Girls Being Used As Bait

Border Patrol Video Shows Young Girls Being Used As Bait

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  1. the WALL would seriously be a game changer for the USA…but we are too divided as a nation its all about Democrats vs Republicans so nothing good will happen……we as a nation suck….and we all know it….we suck period

  2. Dems and some repub don't want the wall because they would miss their payoffs, children and drugs. Petitions don't mean a thing because enough signatures were turned in to have Pelosi removed. What we the people want doesn't mean a damn thing.

  3. You report this all the time, but as a reporter! What are your personal views of this? You are paid to report, but if say, Q, was to check, are these views your own, or paid views? Just asking.

  4. People need to stop being surprised by the depravity of humans. Every day this country slips further and further into a moral decay. Every da th we are bombarded with demands to legalize this and legalize that so the government can "regulate and tax" these once illegal and dangerous activities. Nothing is sacred and I will never be shocked by the actions of a society that has lost way.

  5. When i was arrested for that, i told the judge ; its my “gender identity” .. to sexually abuse and traffic
    Children, he said i was justified in my behavior – being born that way , so, he had to let me go…