Boris Johnson Suffers Sixth Defeat, Vows to Press EU for Deal

Sep.10 — U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed to press for a deal with the European Union after suffering his sixth consecutive House of Commons defeat on Monday night when his attempt to get approval for a snap poll was rejected for a second time. David Merritt reports on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” Deutsche Bank Global Head of FX Research George Saravelos also speaks.

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  1. Running into your bedroom and slamming the door shut doesn't prevent the fire that is now in your kitchen and has spread to the living room.
    You might have to come up with some preventive strategies and that includes forthought as to how things are going to go …not intervention like this guy.
    This guy is a day late and a dollar short

  2. The people of Britain who used to be considered sovereign are no longer so. Your nation has no sovereignty as long as it remains in the EU. You might as well give up your precious pound sterling and use EU currency. Neither do you Brits have no real representation in Parliament. And as for you (so called) "Conservatives" … you are nothing but SHEEP IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING. Shame on you Conservatives! You finally have a PM with balls and all you do is kick him in them.

  3. EU is for the Bank Mafia
    Bank Mafia has destroyed Europe

    See how the Deutsche Bank has a Director of Ethics
    His existence is evidence of the Bank Mafia's Machiavellian DNA

    5,000 years of world history
    Is the Evidence which proves
    Evil Mafias run all governments