Julia Hartley-Brewer in a brand new exclusive interview with Politics UK, talks Trump, his protestors and the new Brexit deal…

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  1. She says,,,,,,democratic countries dont go to war with each other,,False,,,in 1914 England and France went to war wth Germany,,,,all were democracies,,,Germany had a greater franchise than England,Who is thIs bimbo,,,a poor persons Katie Hopkins

  2. Stop trying to change the vote to leave into a mistake that unintelligent, ill informed people made! WE KNEW WHAT WE WERE DOING WHEN WE VOTED LEAVE!!!!!!!!!! We wanted to CONTROL IF NOT STOP IMMIGRATION, TAKE CONTROL OF OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM GERMANY, and GET OUR FISHING RIGHTS BACK, STOP FREE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLES (which means getting cheap labour over here) and BECOME THE NATION WE WERE BEFORE THE E U!!!!!!! SO F**K OFF REMAINERS! THE VOTE HAS ALREADY BEEN. If it's the case that the Brexit vote is overturned , then so should the vote for conservatives to run the country be overturned as well, immediately! STOP WATERING DOWN THE DEAL TOO MAY!

  3. I agree with everything that Julia speaks of.

    She's the little people's champion.

    I'll never give up on what I believe is just and right.

    Can we stick together please?

    We are all we have and as long as we keep up this steady pressure we will get there in the end I know it in my heart.

  4. Your economi is going down the drain no one is going to lend your country money unless huge intrest you will be a third world country nothing to say in the EU you will end up like venezuela ?

  5. Perfectly true interview, Julia your so right, everybody in this country who voted for independence from the EU feel the same, I really wished we could have a new era in British politics by removing Mrs May and Corbyn and yes the British public are really angry.

  6. Well you was too busy jumping on the bandwagon to put the boot into the opposition, when you should've been holding the government to account. Now Albion is lost, because you allowed it to be lost.

  7. My main reason for wanting to leave the EU is the Democratic Deficit, in this interview Julia is the first person I’ve heard bring that up, well done Julia. This fact MUST be highlighted and pushed.

  8. Ok, proud, sovereign nation, have fun trying cherry picking. You are good at that… figuratively. Time to find out how good you are in that literally 😛

  9. The people that voted leave should not feel any guilt. It is the complete ineptitude of those in charge that will let the entire country down. The remainers will kick off telling us its our fault, the leave voters will get kicked in the teeth by not getting what they voted for and the country will loose out as a whole. All in all a complete joke and everybody will be more angry and likely worse off from what i can see. Clap….clap….tory twats.

  10. When Julia says ‘we would do it, but the EU won’t let us do it’…. she surely réalisés that the UK have to strike deals with the EU all over again. We as a member were never denied things, we played a part in the decision making process & only decisions with full unanimous backing were implemented.

  11. Can someone explain to me why May was appointed in the first place, given she was a Bremainer? It's like appointing a vegan to run a slaughterhouse for livestock! I mean, are you surprised? She acts "strong & stable" but crumbles inside like non-swimmer signing up for a charity event crossing The Channel. #BrexitisasreliableasRovercars