Alastair Campbell tweeted out his support of the EU against Britain in the negotiations. Is that right?
Campbell interview:

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  1. There have always been those few who opt to collaborate with foreign powers in expectation of joining their elite in exercising power over fellow countrymen. In Britain such occasional collaborations are overcome in due course. Blackshirts and Third Reich; CND, socialists and Russian communism; Remainers and their EU totalitarianism. Eventually they pass into ignominious history to be forgotten.

  2. No more fcuking around with this ungrateful Paddys. Leave now no money paid and straight to WTO terms asap.Campbell should be in jail with Blair for what they did in office.he's a traitor alright and an accessory to murder.

  3. So just a minute, Campbell defends Ireland and Britain against the excesses of hard Brexit whilst foreign interests work against the peoples of these islands. Its the brexshitters the goos the brexidiots who are the traitors.

  4. Hi Ben.
    I love hearing your views. You've been sound and on the ball with everything you've done so far.
    I'm sorry but I have not anything to spare to support you financially just now, but you have my strength and prayers for what they are worth.

    Can you find out the financial amount the Uk has in the ECB, properties, etc, and if it would be viable to hold that as carrot of full and final "divorce" settlement?
    All the best.

  5. Strophi kornego it's not brexit that is illegal it's that we were took into the eu illegally in the first place by corrupt politicians who gave our sovereignty away to a foreign power without consulting the electorate it's known as treason

  6. Of course the uk Government has not thought Brexit through, in their disconnected arrogance and contempt for the British people, they never expected it to happen, they thought the referendum was in the bag and that we would be staying in the EU, must have been a bit of a shocker for them.

  7. You’re blaming the wrong people. All these people told us about the consequences of Brexit. Now we’re blaming them for being right. Brexiters told us we can have our cake and eat it, they need us more than we need them. I wonder who’s is desperate now, begging them to do trade deal with us and it’s remoaners fault because they said that’s exactly what is going to happen

  8. Blair is more of a traitor to Britain than a lot of people realise. Back when he got the IRA to disarm most thought he did great but not me. I asked myself how did he manage something no-one should have been able too. Why did he insist on seeing them alone, after all they did murder Lord Mountbatten, men, women and children, they wouldn't care a jot about Blair or any other politician during that period. Here is my opinion, Blair spent a lot of his childhood with his grandparents in Dublin, playing with children there. During that time he must have had discussion about NI belonging to Ireland and I think he agreed. What if Blair told the IRA that he was as much Irish as British, maybe even more so…what if he told them as PM he was in a position to destroy Britain and if successful they would get NI back again. So he gave devolution to all the regions, first step, then set about devolving power to the EU bit by bit. Why did he repeal the 'Treason Act' strange don't you think, unless of course what he was about was treasonable. Every time he went for a conference with other state leaders he gave away another part of Britain's democracy. Since the referendum he has constantly tried to get the vote reversed even to the point of inciting the people to cause trouble. I believe Blair to be the most evil, treasonable person in Britain today if not the northern hemisphere, he should be tried and hung because he has caused so much misery to Brits.

  9. Politicians on the remain side the Remoaners are playing with fire with their willingness to undermine the UK and Brexit and pledge allegiance and actively support the EU. They have no idea what fire they are stoking. They have to be mad.