What effect does the snap election have on our Brexit? Find out here….

WHY WE NEED HARD BREXIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6FijHYdtO8
SNAP ELECTION ANALYSIS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiP2_9t8QYw


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  1. Let's remind ourselves what we have from the most selfish politician of all, Tony Blair:

    1. The rise of I.S. as a result of interference in the Middle East.
    2. The illegal war in Iraq. No chemical weapons.
    3. The attempt to lead Britain into the Euro currency.
    4. The decision to open up Britain's borders to unlimited EU migration. This was done to erode British identity, making it much easier to create the European superstate. 
    5. Selling of the U.K.'s gold reserves at $200.00 an ounce.
    6. The suspected assassination of Dr. David Kelly.

    Whatever Tony Blair says I would want to do the opposite, he should be hung.

  2. I have NEVER heard her PROMISE, and there is the world of difference between saying something and a promise,like I say I will pop round for a coffee,if I don't,at worst you're miffed,but if I PROMISE and don't come you will be bloody annoyed and rightly so,as for clegg,he PROMISED NOT to increase tuition fees yet voted FOR them when he should of abstained we saw the result in the GE,no business man/woman ever tells you their future plans if not legally/morally obliged to, same for Ms May, forewarned is forearmed,only a fool does that with opponents.

  3. I forsee a bloody mess on the canvas akin to one of Mike Tyson's early fights against a bum of the month. Do I have any sympathy for Corbyn. Absolutely not. If this Marxist Lenin worshipping idiot with his fellow closet communists had ever got into power in Britain he'd have turned us into 1917 style Russia.

  4. Good video, however I think you misunderstand the whole "softer brexit" stance. It's more to do with the ability to make us unnecessarily go more extreme in the exit than we need to. For example, I'm not opposed to us remaining participants in some EU activities (research etc.). I'm also not against the idea of us paying a "divorce bill" so long as it is reasonable and realistic as I do think we are leaving with liabilities we signed up for until at least 2020 (plus possibly paying our wonder UK domiciled ex EU overlords their pensions) which some on the far side of the Conservative Party would say are completely unacceptable and not delivering on the "will of the people" compromising our ability to get a decent trade agreement with rEU.

    I also fully expect a transitional deal will be wanted, mooted at 3 years. An election in June 2022 perfectly allows time for that Transition deal to have concluded and a full vision of post brexit UK before the next general election. Whereas, if it was in March 2020, especially if a transitional deal happened, May would be heavily exposed to "we're not out you betrayed us!" from UKIP and "inflation has skyrocketed, cost of living blah blah" from whoever has replaced Corbyn or is leader of the party succeeding Labour as well as temptation from the EU to make the "deal" as punishing as possible to help an opposition party ride in on a "we'll go back in the EU" mandate within months. Was it Juncker said, he see's Britain leaving the EU on a Friday, and rejoining by the following Monday when everyone realises what a big mistake they have made. Just my 2p.

  5. The Conservatives are the only party that will take us out of the EU the way the people wanted. The Lib Dems and the Labour party want a watered down version of Brexit that would still tie us to EU laws,directives and regulations plus free movement of people, everything why we voted to leave in the first place. Lets get this done and make our own destiny in this world by voting for your conservative candidate in your area and getting the Conservatives the majority they need so this Lady can get on with the job and deliver BREXIT.

  6. The Lib / Lab / Con have presided over the destruction of Britain for the last 70 years…..UKIP is the only Party that the True British People have…. even with a monkey as Leader UKIP is better then the anti -British Lib / Lab /Cons……A lot of the Lib / Lab / Cons think that they will stop Brexit…. Vote UKIP and stop them…… Make Britain Stronger vote UKIP…

  7. Hello mate. How about we make a petition to say any politician must honour their oath of office and stand down as a private corporation. For this you need to watch john harris its an illusion 2.

    They can lie all they want because as a corporation they hold no oath of office. Look on dun and bradstreet 🙂

  8. I can see the Scottish political landscape changing. Though the conservatives haven't been much liked up here the tories will need as many seats as possible to make sure they aren't voted down and can carry out the choice of the people by leaving the EU. Secondly if they can secure a greater majority it reduces the chance of the EU effecting the outcome of negotiations by simply drawing out the process until the current govt leaves and perhaps a softer Labour Party govt gets in. I think that if others in Scotland can't see that now is the time to be tactical if ever then we will all have a real problem.