Free speech, over PC police and Government failure. Britain is my country, but it’s time we stood up against this systematic failure.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. It's all coincided with the advancement of women with their touchy feely weak politics. You can't successfully run a country in this way. Leaders need to be strong, we're promoting women into positions where they're leading with feelings rather than facts.

  2. Real racism comes when you refuse to hold a group responsible for their actions while punishing every other group for theirs. Just because people scream racism doesn't mean it is racism. Use your head more and the heart less. I'm not saying be heartless, just don't be blinded by emotion, and ignore reality.

  3. They are not scared of racism. The British establishment supports pedophilia which includes the royal family. Some royals have connections with Epstein, the guy that owns that Island near Richard Branson's island. He was convicted of having sex with a minor and trafficking minors. One of the trafficked minors was seen with prince Andy in an embrace.

    Trump is playing golf with Andy when he visits next month…… I would love to hear that conversation, if Andy suddenly disappears we will know why. Trump has said, "NO DEALS".

  4. You're right, and you articulate it well. But what to do? People who love UK need to come together, and we need leadership. Is UKIP a viable way ahead with Gerard Batten as leader? He is sound on freedom of speech, which is the fundamental freedom.

  5. Let's not be afraid of being 'racist' anymore! Let's stand up for our race and stop being ashamed of it. Don't let minorities from every other part of the world take over our country and rule it according to some antiquated religious rules or even laws of the jungle. In short, let's wake up!

  6. Why don’t we just stick to the rules if you want to live in Britain you abide by the British law if you stand on street corners and slack Britain off and burn our flag you should be deported to somewhere like Saudi Arabia or Russia and try to do the same see. What happens to you

  7. Politicians over the last 40 years have deliberately, wilfully legislated against the people of Britain. It's not correct to say they have failed for to have failed Britain would not be in such turmoil, we would not be divided we would still have free speech, our MPs would be shouting for their constituents not legislating against them. Tory, Labour, Lib Dem, SNP are all one party and have been for years, they have all worked behind the scenes with the EU to destroy Britain as a free independent democratic country. May is as bad as Blair, she is secretly talking with Sturgeon on how they can devise ways to remove Scotland from the UK.

  8. I hate to tell you son but your country is history. It will be a mooslim shithole in 15 years. You will never leave the E. U. It’s over your country has turned its back on God so it will only get worse. Good luck

  9. I lived half my life in Britain, and is in every other way foreign; was’t born there, and I don’t have any relatives there. Yet I still consider myself ”British” and am very patriotic. I’m really uneducated in all politics, and want to be ignorant of it, as if I do listen, I’ll probably be given biased or false information. I just think of how nice it is in general.