Training around 10 hours every day, You Young is the next big prospect for Korean figure skating. Inspired by figure skating start Yuna Kim, can she follow her idols’ footsteps?

Join us as we meet her on the road to the Lausanne 2020 Youht Olympic Games and Beijing 2022 Olympic Games.

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  1. 어린데도 저렇게 열심히 하고ㅠㅠ 진짜 자랑스럽다..
    그런데 왠지 안쓰럽다.. 저 어린 나이에 너무 고된 훈련을 하는 것 같음

  2. I love young prodigies!❤️ The thing is and the problem: 10 hrs is Too much hours of training and there’s the problem. Young athletes these days train for hours and hours almost all day, that their careers don’t last too much. Like Chinese, their careers only last like 2 Olympics and they’re retired. I wish so much luck for this young girl to pursue her dreams💘

  3. 저 어린아이한테 기대감과 몹쓸 부담감만 주면서 금만 따길원하는 국민들은 무시하고 유영선수가 그냥 앞으로도 더 행복했으면 좋겠는 마음

  4. You Young will have STRONG competition from the Russians, especially in figure skater Alexandra Trusova, when it comes to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Trusova recently did a Quad Salchow and a Quad Toeloop at this years World Junior Championship and she is 13 years old. If Young keeps up her training, the 2022 Olympics are going to be a sight to see!!

  5. this young girl just landed a beautiful triple axel in practice! i'm excited to see if she lands it in competition next season! i want to see south korea shine again in figure skating with her, eunsoo lim & cha junhwan

  6. There is no way she'll be next Yuna Kim. I'd be surprised if she ever makes olympics. Good skater but i don't see the potential. Russian girls are far superior at her age. Also her body will start to crumble through puberty.

  7. my mom said she will try getting me in try outs for the Olympics when I'm about 15 or 16 and it just makes me so happy!!♥🏸🌈🌨❄⛄🌩🌪🔥💧🌫🌬🌊🌀🌈🌂☔⚡

  8. Знали бы они, что в России таких супер фигуристок в разы больше, и некоторые младше, чем она, а делают прыжки намного качественней, чем она. Но она тоже молодец 💖