Chaos in Cleveland: Anti-Trump Factions Disrupt RNC

July — Bloomberg Politics’ Sahil Kapur reports from the floor of the Republican National Convention on efforts by anti-Trump Republicans to disrupt a vote on convention rules. He speaks with Mark Halperin and John Heilemann on “With All Due Respect.”

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  1. PLEASE I beg you tell one of the main comments should of been how embarrassed Trump should be! I like both of you very much but been disappointed time and time AGAIN. Will you for the love of God pitch him some hardballs!! I've seen both of you talk to him AND about him. Never getting angry, pushing nack or even raising your voices. I wonder what the media would say if this joke of a RNC convention was Clintons.

  2. if there's no chance on this happening why are you reporting on it? I think the only thing the people really want is a list of these idiots so we do not accidentally vote for them in the future