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Chief Rodney Scott, US Border Patrol, San Diego Sector, on Building the New Wall

Chief Rodney Scott, US Border Patrol, San Diego Sector, on Building the New Wall

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  1. Dems don’t really have a reason to oppose the wall anymore. They’ve almost gotten all the states they need on their side to bypass the electoral college and take control of the country forever.

  2. Great jobs guys and gals of cbp,stay safe TRUMP and good taxpayers hope to get what u need asap,shame on yall dumbass dems,u better HOPE none of these police get hurt or killed because of YOU!

  3. The Border Patrol is not the problem. The problem is is traitors and foreigner infiltrating the Congress, State, and Local government who are allowing the invaders in.

  4. Hey Congress, did you hear that last sentence?? Yeah you, congress!!!!! He's talking to YOU!!! Right from the mouth of one of our Border Patrol professionals, who actually know what they are talking about. Get our damn laws fixed, or get the heck out of our Congress. This is beyond ridiculous!!!

  5. That's where the problem lays.
    Near the end when the border agent was going to explain that money also needs to go towards beds and detention center supplies.
    NO, the whole purpose of securing or country's southern border from illegal activity of every kind is to restrict 100% of anyone from crossing illegally, regardless their reason.
    That's this country's southern priority.
    You catch anyone crossing illegally, you fingerprint, photo id and put them back into Mexico immediately.
    Problem solved on beds.

  6. When ever something important needs to get done, why is the first thing they do, is to tie the hands behind the back? Of course teams of sharpshooters wouldn`t help. If a few invaders failed to make it across, would that prevent others trying to cross?

  7. Why does a wall Barrier work for democrat at the building during primary ? Also why do you have to show your ID to get in their building. But it’s not needed to vote in an election !

  8. Pelosi lives in a $12 Million Mansion w/10' Walls Surrounding it as do All Elite Demonrats! Dems Refuse Americans the Same Security they enjoy for themselves and their Families!

  9. …but, but, Nazi Pelosi said walls are immoral, don't work, & this is a made up crisis by PRESIDENT Trump.  Obviously, this was an actor, dressed as a border patrol officer.  Nothing to see here, move along….  Our politicians don't give 2 shits about this country, just their wallets.