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China Has Kept Their Word on North Korea, Brookings' O'Hanlon Says

China Has Kept Their Word on North Korea, Brookings' O'Hanlon Says

Mar.05 — Michael O’Hanlon, Brookings Institution senior fellow, discusses the U.S.-China trade war, the nest steps for North Korea and the move by a group of U.S. senators to impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia. He speaks with Bloomberg’s David Westin on “Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power.”

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  1. Light-Water Reactor technology is for commercial use [ of low-grade Plutonium or Uranium ] and very unlikely to produce nuclear weapons… think back around 2008 and who was on 'watch' that brokered a deal to offered DRPK this technology in the first place and why the United States allows this type of proliferation to nations who are considered adversaries or future potential adversaries?
    [ There is a logical reason to prevent a nation to pursue a nuclear weapons program using Light-Water Reactor technology is too costly to ruin their nation's economy, too dangerous, and that will lead to failure ].
    These underground tests is a ploy/ grandstanding to disguise tonnes and tonnes of HE to mimic nuclear detonations and for the most part there was never ever any radioactive readings until the last or 2nd last test was done that ROK and/or its US allies to say have detected low readings of Xenon-133 but if you look up what Xenon-133 is?
    Xenon 133 is a medical grade gas [ nuclear medicine ] used for diagnostic imaging agent that is inhaled to see the imaging of the lungs and evaluating pulmonary function. Xenon 133 is made through the fission of Uranium 235 and has the half-life of 5.27 days.

  2. DPRK made a grave mistake by not listening to any country including China and Russia a few years ago. Kim snubbed Xi's special envoy during an earlier visit. Not getting any success in reining in DPRK nuclear and missile tests, China decided to join the sanctions, cutting off DPRK major income. When it saw it could not win, it about faced early 2018 with an olive branch to ROK, joining its winter Olympic and later on starting to visit China. In its own interest, ROK tried to bridge DPRK and USA with mixed results.