Sep.16 — The Wall Street Journal is reporting that China is considering turning down Washington’s offer to restart the trade talks amid fresh threats of tariffs from President Trump. Bloomberg’s Jodi Schneider reports on “Bloomberg Markets: China Open.”

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  1. How are all the chinese on this forum able to get through the internet blocks? Do they understand the hypocrisy of supporting a regime that would destroy youtube and the WSJ if they could?

  2. No need to argue with sicks minds.nosense talking again. You American people stay lazy and enjoy your high standard living. Remember you are the ones who outsource your manufacturing production lines to other countries for their cheap laboring costs. Now you complain about being raped. You complain about everything!! Give me a break!!

  3. If there is a huge trade imbalance, what is wrong in renegotiating trade with concerned is the indiscriminate trade policies pursued by America for decades, that has brought America to its it wrong to correct the mistakes and pursue a pragmatic policy.In this connection, we should appreciate both president Trump and Prime Minister Modi of India in their efforts to make their respective countries self reliant.

  4. America should pursue policies that are good for the Americans in the long run.there will be difficulties initially, but people should be prepared to do some sacrifices for the larger good.America has been exploited for decades by all and sundry.what President Trump is doing is good for Americans in the long run.

  5. According the latest reports, "Chinese companies, with the encouragement of official Chinese policy and often the active participation of government personnel, have been pillaging the intellectual property of American companies. All together, intellectual-property theft costs America up to $600 billion a year." China has become the most accomplished thief in the world. Stealing is embarrassing.

  6. Free trade doesn't mean unfair trade. Each year, our trade deficit with China costs American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. Trade deficit with China cost us almost $400 billion last year 2017 and the trend is increasing sharply every year, not to mention Chinese espionage on American soil that costs American taxpayers $600 billion annually. All in all, China steals $1 trillion each year from American taxpayers, which is the greatest transfer of wealth in history! Where do we get the money to compensate for the yearly fiscal loss? Surely, money doesn't grow on trees. As a result, we have to cut pensions and other social benefits and American folks suffer tremendously every year. China has been stealing American jobs and technology for a long time. This needs to stop! This is why Trump imposed higher tariffs on Chinese imports. It's the right thing for Trump to do. It’s for our country and for us all. Let’s come together, set aside our differences, and give Trump our full support. “Join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!" It’s all for our beloved America, folks!