China Starts Tariff Exemptions But Keeps Pressure on U.S. Farms

Sep.11 — China announced a range of U.S. goods to be exempted from 25% extra tariffs put in place last year, as the government seeks to ease the impact from the trade war without lifting charges on major agricultural items like soybeans and pork. Nejra Cehic and Juliette Saly assess the markets impact on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe.”

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  1. Apparently they're looking at implementing a floating tariff pegged to the Yuan, so no matter how their currency is manipulated, the tariff auto adjusts, based on an economic formula so they gain absolutely nothing in terms of trade advantage, by currency manipulation. It's a no win for them. As a result, the US is in a stronger position than ever.

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  3. I thought China would never waiver? I thought China was all powerful? Its starting to look like China is blinking. They blinked with Hong Kong extradition bill, and now they are blinking with US ag goods. I guess that Pork/Food crisis is starting to get to the CCP. The 3rd stimulus in less than a year. One country is obviously showing signs of weakness, and it ain't the US.

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  7. obviously there is major misunderstanding of what is being reported here as Chinese tariffs on American farm products are being continued. Also China is essentially self-reliant in food as it exports huge quantities (largely to Southeast Asia) essentially equal to imports so any notion of pressuring China on food is a pipe dream. The fact is the world is awash with food from many countries other than the US mainly Brazil, Russia, Argentina, and Australia. As the US produces twice as much as we consume, farmers must export so loss of China market is major hit, hence the massive taxpayer-financed bailout from the federal government which only partially makes up the shortfall and adds to the national debt financed heavily by China! Also cheaper food for US consumers means less income for farmers who are cutting back on major purchases of machinery and other equipment hurting companies such as John Deere. Lose-lose as in all trade wars.

  8. Too HELL with China. Take the money raised through the tariffs on Chinese goods and subsidie the farmers. China will suffer more because of the trade imbalance.
    They don't stand a "Chinaman's chance in HELL" of winning a trade war.

  9. We spend billions per year on humanitarian aid. We could subsidize these farmers crops in a meaningful way. Instead of giving them money for nothing or for dumping crops on the ground to drive up prices, we could send all of the food to places that need it like PR or the Bahamas ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ธ. Set a price that is fair to farmers and the tax payers.

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  12. The biggest threat to American farmers is the Solar Minimum. Look it up. Also we should consider canning the ethanol program and the related subsidies. We will need corn to eat and sell. It's a failed experiment yet we cannot get out of it as the farmers are addicted to the handout.

  13. China is getting all that stuff from other counties. The US farmers have lost that market forever. The only way yo get even a part of it back to to cut prices like mad. China is now in a very good postilion for re-negotiation on all prices. It is now longer the price we want but the price that are willing to pay and they now have a backup source. US farms will have to sell so cheap that it will not be worth messing with. The ago of the US feeding the world has came to an end. We messed up and now the rest of the world has stepped in to take our spot. I wonder how many farmers will go belly up when this is done. And the backlash is going to be higher prices for us here in the US to buy the food grown right here at home. Get ready for less at the market and 2 to 3 times the price.

  14. They are also not following EPA rules, allowing runoff raw waste in Virginia and they donโ€™t care. They have ruined there land and now starting on ours because we sold them our businesses

  15. China is in serious trouble with major food shortages. China is buying up all of Africa's donkeys for meat. The donkey population is already reduced by 50%. China's agricultural fields are being devastated by army caterpillars, and the flooding from storms have destroyed their rice crops. Even American crops are devastated this year, along with Australia, India, and most Latin American countries. Potatoes are going to be very expensive this year.

  16. A handful of years ago, the Chinese bought the largest world pork producer that's located in the USA — Smithfield Foods. They also own other USA companies. Why would they tariff themselves, Bloomberg? ๐Ÿ˜†

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  19. There have been mass crop failures all over the world, which will severely impact food prices for NEXT YEAR. I would not be surprised if China completely abandons all tariffs and restrictions on food imports – including food imports from America – to stock up foods for next year and beyond. A worldwide foot shortage is about the world next year, and China is pragmatic and always plans in advance.