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China using students and companies to spy on America

China using students and companies to spy on America

China is working at odds with the U.S. on trade, but also in terms of espionage issues. Jack Posobiec sat down with the founder of Point Bridge Capital to learn more.

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  2. My kids went to high school with student exchange from China. They acted very strange when being photographed. They would look away cover face, act like they were sneezing and so on. More than once and multiple years with different students. I thought this was strange but now it might make sense. Not sure how they could be used but maybe as mules for classified info?

  3. I wish the communist Chinese government allowed it's people to access social media including YouTube so I could tell them that they are a country of theives.

  4. The West needs to stop playing the game they are being led to play. Lying, cheating, espionage, blackmail, etc. are not bad things in China, IF they succeed. No formal agreement stops the Chinese from breaking their word. This isn't just true of China but of the East in general. Success equals Good Fortune and getting caught & Failure equal Bad Luck. Getting caught doing dirty trick by the West means nothing to the Chinese because the West has been too forgiving. God Bless Donald J. Trump

  5. Communist China, they are liar and the rule don't matter, they try to detroy USA by a large and a large money to some stupid polictical.
    Donald J. Trump is the greatest President. “Donald Trump 2020”, "Make American Great Again", "Buy American", "Hire American", “Trump 2020 Make Democrats Cry Again”, “The Real Russian Collusion is the Democrats.”, “The Real Obstruction of Justice is the Democrats”, “The Democratic Party is the Party of Crime”

  6. China is asking for a good hiding. Just like a growing boy, unable to contain their ambition.

    The Chinese have STOLEN all kinds of copyrighted work from Secret Military Manufacturing to copyrighted written works.

    This is hardly the signs of friendship and as they are very short on CREATIVITY but strong on work force they want a shortcut. JUST LIKE THE ENEMIES OF AMERICA stealing plans for atomic and nuclear weapons.

    Stealing a person's life long work of art or plans, is a murder of sorts, a rape of sorts.

    Our President has done a magnificent job backing the Chinese up in their belief they can TAKE whatever they want. That idea was of course strengthened by the Obama and zbush nightmare.

    Thank God for OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP because if it was Clinton it would be OPEN BORDERS AND OPEN WALLETS.

    Now is the time to tickle their spines with a James Bowie work of art.

  7. The problem is bigger than just students and companies, its the chinese dispersed among the nations, regardless of how many generations since they settled they remain chinese and loyal to china.

  8. Google, "Matthew Guang, Tonya Holzmayer, PPD, Mountainview"

    Matthew stole 100% of PPD's data, and sent it back to China. I caught him, and had him fired. He came back and shot and killed Tanya the VP of the business unit.

    This is what the Chinese do. They are stealing 100% of our data, company by company.

  9. Hell china has chauffeurs working for government officials in the United States.🤣 China is not our friend. Is there actually anybody out there that doesn’t that? There is nothing that goes on in China that the government does not control and profit from. All the hacking and theft of intellectual property, counterfeit everything you can think of, flooding our country with drugs, selling us children’s toys covered in lead paint, pet foods that kill our pets, drywall that out gases deadly chemicals and on and on. Imagine how bad it would be if one of these crazy clown politicians that are Democrats were in charge. The current crop could be worse than Obama the idiot who screwed things up so bad that only Donald Trump could save us.

  10. They have been doing this for years. Not news and not new. How do you think the richest person in China got his money. They use college kids and Universitys to do reasearch and learn American tech with American money. They get interships and jobs under the guise of college with big American business with government contracts. Then the just steal the info they want and leave.

  11. I have worked at two corporations that have "partnered" with Chinese companies, and they just blindly share all their trade secrets with them, so sometimes they don't even need to spy when we give it to them.

  12. Caught spying for the enemy, you're at the complete mercy of the country you're spying on. Nothing's changed on that end, thank goodness. Now what is Trump gonna do about it??? China was never America's ally, lol…

  13. Until there are no Americans that need a college education there is NO REASON (except out of State tuition money!) for them to be in an American college. They are our competitors and ideological enemies.

  14. Chinese birth tourism has been happening for decades now here in the US. That is the future of espionage against America. Anchor babies get full citizenships and rights. Why use a visa when you get a passport and come "home" to your birth country. Thought Pres. Trump wanted to end the anchor baby fiasco.

  15. The Chinese are doing all the world.They are a danger to all the West,but all governments,universities,and businesses want is Chinese money.
    This is why in the UK,our defence secretary was fired after raising concerns about Huawei.
    Theresa May wants Chinese money in our railways.

  16. I'd like to warn the Americans about Mrs May's would you respect negotiating the 5G contract with a Chinese this may be a worry to the Americans since we are all aware that the Chinese now outrank Russia in their spying against the West and handing them the 5G contract in for men will probably give them access not just to all the secrets of Britain but also to a lot of sensitive information that are being kept by the American secret services I bet the Americans don't know that Mrs May and the government are signing a deal to sign over the control of the British Army to the new armed forces of you who wish to have a global army to invade their countries who were here today of dictatorship and not be agreed to be a part of a superstate and be ruled by dictatorship of Brussels remember the EU and the Brussels elite also helping the Democrats to overthrow a legally elected government president of United States by giving the Democrats support and help an undermining the Constitution of America and the American people