Cohen Captivates Wall Street

Feb.28 —  Michael Cohen unfurled a series of damaging accusations against his former boss Donald Trump in a day of testimony before Congress, including assertions that may pose additional legal peril for the president. Bloomberg’s Lisa Abramowicz discusses on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.”

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  1. Republicans, with their lack of curiosity, may have done a great service to our country because their apathy kinda made the point hit home even harder. Maybe it's just me, but what little they had to offer was so thin that it made me realize they literally have nothing else. In my head, this is confirmation that they KNOW. They can't necessarily say their suspicions aloud, but I think we can all see now that their denials an excuses just made them seem even more capable of accepting the lies Trump feeds them no matter what.

  2. It is truly amazing that anyone would continue to support this corrupt immoral president. Our democracy has no hope if this is our new norm. Shameful.

  3. Thank you Michael Cohen and God is testing you for your new testimony. No one else can harm or use you again. I believe what Chairman Cummins said not "why me? but for me! May God keep you and your family safe from all harm with peace.