Connecticut Gov. Lamont on Debt, Road Tolls, SALT

Mar.11 — Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont discusses legislative efforts to address public debt, proposed infrastructure investments, and the impact of federal income tax changes on the state’s citizens. He speaks with Bloomberg’s David Westin on “Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power.”

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  1. The funny thing is this piece of shit is a millionaire and all the taxes that he proposed I got to hurt the middle class tolls they don't Hart scumbags that vote for him that don't work they hurt the middle class that have to go to work everyday another piece of shit Malloy 2 and the funny thing is that make all this money from tolls and the Democrats will steal it and I'll go on something else

  2. This guy has gridlock with every CT resident, pretends to want to help residents but wants to toll our major roads even ones that even COMMERCIAL TRUCKS CAN'T GO ON. Campaigned on only tolling trucks then flipped the script. What he is doing is criminal to our pockets. Tax my income, tax my car, tax my house, tax my gas, tax me when I spend my money and now you want to tax the roads. This idiot can't figure out how to cut costs. DON'T BOTHER COMING TO CT IT SUCKS. Years ago Casinos were going to fix everything… THIS IS JUST A CASH GRAB ON CT RESIDENTS! FIX YOUR BUDGET! THIS IS A LIAR AND A CON DON'T BELIEVE A WORD HE SAYS, HE'LL CHANGE IT WHEN YOU LOOK AWAY.