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Conservative group urges caution amid trade talks with China

Conservative group urges caution amid trade talks with China

A conservative think-tank is urging caution amid trade talks with China as the Trump administration makes progress., but the long-term goals of Beijing remain questionable. One America’s John Hines has more from Washington.

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  1. My Think Tank says that So Called "Conservative" Never Trumpers joined in with Democrats on these crooked Trade Deals and don't want Trump crapping in their pudding.
    Beginning with Jimmy Carter, These Crooked Trade Deals take our Union Jobs over to 3rd World Marxist Cheap Labor Unimpeded by EPA, OSHA, Human Rights, Child Labor or Threat of Union Contract. Further more they sell the inferior garbage over here and bank their profits off shore away from the Highest Taxes in the World.
    Beginning in the 1960 Congress began passing Environmental Laws, Safety Laws that our businesses must follow. Human Rights and Child Labor that our Businesses must follow. Unions that our Businesses must put up with. High Taxes that our businesses must pay.
    But these crooked trade deals skirt all of that. Globalist can ignore EPA, OSHA, Human Rights and Bank roughly $14 Trillion offshore.

    This is why they hate Trump.
    They are the real Racist as they usher cheap labor across the border and tell our workers not to work for less than a Living Wage, so now we have 95 Million out of work.
    These "Conservatives" are happy with China stealing Trade Secrets.
    We are losing the Trade War due to phony "Conservative Think Tanks".

  2. Are people actually listening to what the man said? The most important point was that there is no such thing a privately owned company.They are all ultimately controlled by the Chinese government.

  3. Communist and socialist countries traditionally use America's blind faith in paper to lock the US down, while they slide around back. In God we trust! Everyone else, verify.