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Conservatives denounce proposed tax on unrealized gains

Conservatives denounce proposed tax on unrealized gains

Progressives are coming up with several new tax proposals — one of them involves taxing theoretical profits. One America’s John Hines has more from Washington.

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  1. They just don't think things through. That would destroy the housing market beyond anything seen in 2008. So many people with rentals would have to sell them to pay the tax. The lower values would then affect EVERYONE with a house, and eventually everyone with a job, municipalities reliant on property tax values, etc. Not to mention many ellderly who live off of dividends on stock they've owned for decades.

  2. How much taxes do Pelosi , Schumer , Schiff , Swallowswell , Reid , etc…???? Taxing the taxes , didn’t we fight a war over that???? We’re did their riches come from , insider trading…….Wyden’s f**ked up oregon royally ….