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Conservatives fear new Democrat bill could lead to voter fraud

Conservatives fear new Democrat bill could lead to voter fraud

Democrats are pushing new legislation that conservatives claim could interfere with voting procedures. One America’s John Hines has more from Washington.

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  1. Arrest all those miserable democrats leaders and that's it!They newer stops in their crooked minds to coming with more and more dirty lousy tricks,they are rotten to the bones.They don't suppose to be in any possession of important places.

  2. dedicated voting (photo) ID that proves citizenship only solution. better, lets use thumbprints like Syria: Venezuela has a LEGITIMATE voting system that identifies citizens, did you know that..?

  3. Typical of cheating democrats they want to shove government control up are asses,they'll,stop,at moth to,destroy United States they are a terrorist party, mad, scorned and out of touch with Americans they care only for the drug cartels they profit from, they work for Central Americans , and if the drugs killing our youth isn't bad enough now there killing new born babies, those that agree with this are faithless dead in the head individuals

  4. Republicans, you better fight this bill and stop letting these Leftist creeps crap all over our liberties and freedoms. Illegals should not vote, period.

  5. Time for us as citizens to personally get involved. Call and write to you congress members and senators and tell them to vote no on HR-1. Leave that paper trail or electronic trail so they are held accountable to their constituents instead of their agenda! Remember that their job is to work for our citizens and NOT try to rule us! HR-1 will be disastrous to those of us who have the LEGAL right to vote and will drown out our voices! Please individually stand up for our rights and don't allow dem lawmakers to act as dictating tyrants who force their will onto the citizenry! In my heart I know that we the people did not ask for this type of bill to even be presented!

  6. HR1, . DEMS want skewed and corrupt elections. Very usual socialist tactic leading to gerrymandering and allowing non citizens to invade and overwhelm elections. RESIST!!! Socialist destruction of America.

  7. Voting is done at the state level not the federal level, the states set their voting regulations. As for online voting they must be nuts as they know that it will be hacked.

  8. Conservatives NEED TO VOLUNTEER AT THE POLLS ON THE 2020 ELECTIONS. But before that we need to sign a petition for a NATIONAL VOTER ID WITH BIOMETRICS, obtained ONLY WITH PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP. Bologni that for some people is difficult, all they have to do is pay a fee at the county clerk office where they were born registered with name and DOB and get it. DEMONcrats will do anything to get the whole power.

  9. Democrats are RELENTLESS in promoting ways to facilitate voter fraud. We need a return to paper ballots, election day voting only, and very heavy restrictions on the issuance of absentee ballots, as well as a requirement for photo ID to vote. And, let's not forget, and annual purging and updating of voter rolls.

  10. oh of course, the enemies of democracy want to make it easier for socialist russia, communist china and other enemies of freedom to put their own people in at the top of our government.