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  1. Cut off due to tech reasons, a problem in editing meant I had to use YouTube editing software which caused the abrupt end. I was not censoring him! If I was why would I upload an 18 minute interview?

  2. This is on of the most incisive analyses of British politics, and comedy, I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot! Nuff respect. I'd like to see more voices like this in comedy.

  3. Someone who is in touch with what is going on in our society at the moment and isn’t afraid to point out how ridiculous some of our cultural learned behaviour is nowadays.
    This is why you need genuinely free comedians who can play the part of being the voice of dissent. They are amongst the most vital of artists.

  4. Jeremy Corbyn is just stubborn, he doesn't want to be seen to being pushed into a public climb-down and to an extent I get it, after all, no one's forcing Jews to vote Labour, ultimately they could just vote for someone else

  5. Child poverty has been reduced under the Tories though! Check the ONS reports. Another lie propagated by Labour – which even some people on the Tory side have started thinking. It’s so sad. Misinformation about poverty, zero hours, the budget deficit/total debt propagated by Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party.

  6. It’s so rare to have a comedian who’s right wing….I’m so fed up of the majority of comedians who are left wing jumping on the bandwagon just because they think it’s cool….it’s good to be different 🙏🏻

  7. I'd like to see a genuinely conservative government, a genuinely right wing government, just to see if I agree with it. It's one thing to believe in certain principles but sometimes they don't turn out how you expected. Maybe I'm sheltered but any cuts we've had appear almost cosmetic. Maybe give schools more autonomy, try and introduce a genuinely mixed system whereby we continue to fund medical care for all but encourage private hospitals and commission them for work. Certainly cut the BBC back to its core mission, public service broadcasting. Cut tuition fees for the hard sciences and engineering and raise fees for the useless subjects. The more I see this creeping leftist, the more I love America.

  8. Hope not Hate is so ridiculous, Hope isn't the opposite of Hate and Hate can be necessary depending on the context so is not inherently bad. Should we have hated Nazis in 1944? or should we have hoped they'd go away? Hate is an action and Hope is passive.

  9. Good interview. It's not often we seen Geoff being serious. I agree with the anti Semitism thing too. Corbyn and his cult are dangerous idealogues, dinosaurs of the 80's but Israel are out of control and backing Palestinian rights isn't anti Semitic.
    He's clearly on right of politics, don't really understand those who think he's on Left. Being on the right now includes classical liberals too. Being on right now means we realise we can't agree in everything but know Brexit is great and a cult of Corbyn with his ira bullshit is last thing we need. Middle class Marxists are a f**kin menace.

  10. I disagree that Corbyn is anti-wealth-creation. He has a wealth promotion policy in the provision of regional banks, used to promote local entrepreneurs and business development. He specifically promotes the idea of independent income earners and cooperative business models.
    What he is against is tax avoidance by multinational, globalist, monopolies and their domination of the world's economy.

  11. IT's fantastic to me that not enough people want to see he's not that Bright? He's a rag fluttering in the wind and a pure abstraction with no physical or common sense powers whatsoever. He's a figment of the imagination and hubris of The Left. Dump him and raise Anne-Marie Waters~a child of the Left who matured and has all the answers

    Vote for the Left. We control the politicians so we want ever bigger government
    We want massive taxation
    And we want huge government borrowing (from us).
    Vote Left, Vote International Capitalist, Vote Slavery

  13. He makes some really good point about most “snowflakey” people act that way not for themselves but because they presume that other groups might feel that way.. when in fact that idea is often a result of social media.. and it depends how much weight you place on it.

  14. That is the one and only thing he has never been accused of being bright?. He is just a war monger he has declared war on certain cultures in this county in order to divide them to the point of hatred and then at the appropriate time rides in like St george to save us all from the evil he has engerneard and created. … If you think you have seen this old trick before your right you have 1913 and again in 1938 and by and large it usually works but it needs some bright people to pull it off and as we have already established it's not him because if not handled properly it can backfire and this time it has .

  15. What a surprise, a 'right wing' comedian who is very civilised towards those who don't share his views. A shame that those on the left often cannot or will not emulate this kind of behaviour.