`Cox's Codpiece' Briefly Becomes Focus of Brexit Debate

Mar.07 — U.K. Attorney General Geoffrey Cox speaks in Parliament about his efforts to negotiate the government’s divorce agreement with Brussels. Some are referring to the codicil — a supplementary document to the Withdrawal Agreement — as “Cox’s Codpiece.” Cox speaks in response to a question from lawmaker Helen Goodman.

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  2. The codpiece remark was tacky and not befitting someone holding such legal office. At the risk of indulging in a bad pun, I think it's fair to say he's a bit of a dick!

  3. Leave on WTO terms! The PM needs to stand up and look at Speaker Bercow and say you sir have tried to change the traditions of the house but I am not going to allow this to happen. I would then look at Corbyn and say you sir went to the EU and undermined my negotiations while I was in active negotiation. I would then address Tory traitors and say you also undermined my negotiations by meeting with the EU while we were trying to negotiate. I would go on and say I have been undermined on every front by both the EU and politicians in the UK. She should go on further and say I have chosen to leave on 03/29 because no matter whether I extend Brexit or not it is going to be undermined by this House. I would go on further to say that the only way we will not be leaving on 03/29/2019 is if a no confidence motion passes and I would further go on to explain that even if a no confidence motion passes under the Fixed Term Parl Act the government has 10 days to try and reestablish a majority. So if the PM wants to deliver Brexit she can deliver Brexit and she would go down in history for being a lot stronger than they thought she was.