HUGE Brexit news: David Davis, the Secretary of State for Exiting the EU has resigned over concerns with May’s soft Brexit vision. This is time for a new leader to take us in the right direction.

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  1. A pretty obsequious summary, after making bold statements about negotiations and subsequently back-tracking and contradicting himself he ultimately quit when reality set-in and the going got tough. You seem to paint him as a martyr for the Brexit cause which is ridiculous. This is an mp who has been labelled by a former aide as lazy, incompetent and a liar. Not sure where your arse kissing praise comes from other than the fact that David Davis is a staunch Brexit supporter?

  2. It could be that the last election was a Godsend. If May had achieved a huge majority then she could have pushed this idiotic deal through.
    I really believe that she has had this planned since she became Prime Minister.

  3. Steven, you are labouring under a misapprehension. The remainers in both Conservative and Labour party don't care about the next general election or their seats. They've already factored in the fact that they'll lose their seats and are using the remaining time left to save the EU's skin as they put the EU before the UK. This is no longer about Brexit or the UK or having the UK's economic interest at heart. This is about saving the EU because if the UK should be allowed to leave cleanly and properly they know that it spells the end of the EU. So all these remainers are fully prepared to sacrifice their seats and their careers for the sake of the EU. That's the only conclusion that can be drawn from Mrs May's deception and treachery.

  4. We need a new leader. We need Jacob Rees-Mogg. As a gay man, I don't agree with his beliefs on homosexuality, but he is entitled to his opinion. I would still rather have him as Prime Minister than May-Brexit-Nay!!!!

  5. Hi Steven, i have just found your videos, i didn't think invoking article 50 was a good idea, i just wondered what your perspective was on why you think invoking article 50 was a good idea? please don't be angry with me for holding a particular view, i just want to understand what is going on in my country.

  6. Yes, I want the hardest Brexit imaginable. The peoples in Europe are enslaved by the EU and it is OUR reponsibility to help them free themselve. Since WE are a global superpower, I think WE should start liberating countries right now by staging a new D-Day. This time however WE will not be fought by the people but they will happily welcome US and all the while WE can force a Trade Deal on OUR terms. Its time Britain, wake up!

  7. We are fucked we are fucked we are fuuucked we are fucked we are fucked we arrre fuuucked.

    On another note we need may to be removed emediatly it's vital to keep the nation in a operational state.

  8. If the Conservatives had anyone who they thought would win a general election (including Mogg) you would of had May out months ago. You know once she’s gone your party is finished as a party in Government

  9. This will really benefit political extremism, one possible case: Jeremy Corbyn becomes PM if another snap general election is called; people may regret voting him in if he bankrupts the country alongside opening our doors like Angela Merkel; Britain becomes more soft touch as well as a soft Brexit; resentment due to the soft Brexit deal and growing unemployment; rise in far-left and far-right groups = disaster.