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Democrat claims Trump is racist but refuses to vote for judicial nominee because of his skin color.

Democrat claims Trump is racist but refuses to vote for judicial nominee because of his skin color.

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Funny, black screwy Loui Farrakan calls Jews and whites devils, says kill jews and whites yet Chuckie is on the same side. Man, you csnt make this shit up.

  2. Saul Alinsky's rule for radicals. ALWAYS accuse the opposition of what you are in fact doing. Nothing new in that. Par for the course for the COMMUNIST Party(i.e. Demoncrat party).

  3. Equal representation is 13% black because they only make up 13% of the U.S. population. Equal representation is therefore not 50/50. Democrats are the racist KKK party still they just hide behind welfare like its a good thing.

  4. Great exposé on the left and their hypocrisies.  Excellent reporting.  Liz is why OANN is my go-to source for news.  No..whitewashing of the facts (pun intended).

  5. Democrats are the real racists, OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE, they are NOT your friend. They are the party of corruption and destruction. They have done NOTHING but damage to the country. PERIOD!!

  6. Had a republican did this about a black nominee the left would demand they step down. But the GoP? FUCKING NOTHING. Conservatives in congress are spineless cowards getting slapped around by a bunch of limp-wristed faggots, that shit is shameful. Apart from Trump's success, no thanks to congress, I am fucking embarrassed to be a Republican right now. True Americans do NOT back down to this kind of shit, they need to demand that Schumer step down.

  7. I always thought that you should get the best possible people. Color and sex is also not supposed to be a factor. But now the thing is to go against the president all of the time! You were voted in to serve the people not your own selfish hateful needs.

  8. Trump putting that offer on the table of the 1.8 million was a smart move and he nailed it. He knew people like little chucky would never agree to it, but since Trump put such a generous offer on the table, he no longer appears as the bad guy. He can say "Look I tried to work with them, I offered double what they asked for and they refused."

    He played em like a damn fiddle.