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Democrat subpoenas include dead GOP activist

Democrat subpoenas include dead GOP activist

As House Democrats move forward with their probe into the Trump administration, one name stands out among the long list of subpoenas — a Republican activist, who found Hillary Clinton’s emails then allegedly committed suicide. One America’s Jack Posobiec explains.

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  1. Haha right allegedly commited suicide..allegedly? If I had a dollar for every person connected with Clinton that commited suicide I'd be a friggin millionaire.. Please allegedly my behind the man was killed.

  2. He just said everybody I don't care just get everybody we need to find something on this president we can't let him get us exposed we need to get him before he gets to us yeah I understand what there on

  3. Well if we think about it the dems have no problem voting early and often dead or illegal, as they don't seem to be able to distinguish the difference between each of those categories. . So why should it be a surprise they now want to subpoena a corpse?

  4. Bill Binney would know uploading the DNC Files online..
    would take forever and probably lose data in the process.
    Thumb Drives, from someone on the inside, was the only logical way, to transfer it. Seth Rich.

  5. If you're associated with the Clinton Cartel your chances of suicide or dying in a car/aircraft crash increases exponentially the more damaging information you have on their "business" dealings or misdeeds…

  6. "His name was Seth Rich". I'm surprised they haven't subpeoneod Seth.
    No Foul Play in the suicide note is very telling when the insurance was still valid for 8 years. The Oligarchy of corruption at it again.

  7. LOL…. Between this and yesterday's segment on Seth Rich, Awan, and Hillary, I don't know how much more blatant Donald Trump can be in telling the Deep State and Dems not to fuck with his family.