Democrat v. Democrat Socialist

As the 2020 election season gets in full swing, Democratic socialist ideas are picking up momentum among progressives. However, it’s important to note how Democratic socialists are different than traditional Democrats. One America’s Chloe Salsameda breaks down those differences.

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  1. When my mother, (now 90 y.o.) graduated from High School, she was trained for a job when she graduated. Why not bring that sort of thing back to our High Schools, since we already pay for those. Let them graduate knowing enough to be hired as a carpenter's apprentice, an Nurse's Aid, Teacher's Aide, mechanic or electrician's apprentice?

  2. AOC is correct free housing for all, free medical for all free alcohol for all free gasoline for all free cocaine for all free cars for all free heroin for all free food for all free marijauna for all . What will we have Drug and drunk driving people that don't need jobs! What we don't need government everything is FREE!

  3. Sanders is a self proclaimed hipocrite, in a truly socialistic society the room for success is limited if not nil. What is the point of having free tuition when there would be no room for advancement in this country. People like Sanders and AOC are morons and hopefully the Darwin approach will take care of morons like them.

  4. Young people are either extremely stupid or nieve to think government control over your life is a good thing? This is what happens when kids go to college. They come out stupider then when they go in.

  5. The nordic countries combined have around 30 million people the United states has about 300 million people how stupid can one be to say socialism worked for Iceland with a population of 300k people lol these idiots are clowns lol they make better comedians then leaders lol

  6. What the heck does "Progressive Democrat" actually mean??? I know what Democratic Socialism means. Free stuff for all paid for by stealing from the wealthy (of course the definition of "wealthy" can change daily).

  7. Capitalism is what made the United States the greatest nation the world has ever known. Let's just abandon it for socialism which has never worked anywhere, at any time. It takes a special kind of stupid to even entertain that thought for more than 10 seconds. But it's the leftists were talking about so……..

  8. The young want dream land, yet know one knows how to pay for fantasy dream land. Take from the rich they say, when the rich aren't rich anymore, take from middle class they say and when know one is working, what ???? Call Venezuela….🙋🏻‍♂️🏁🏃‍♂️God bless

  9. Democrat or dem socialists…same idiots,just bigger govt mess. Ptrogressive dem???? Ha, no progress under any dem, just big govt bureacracy, lost jobs, too expensive services and invasion of the nation by crimibal foreigners and terrorists all to the dteriment ou f American citizens. Dems and socualustcare anti American and no good for us.

  10. Everyone must get out there and vote, we need to be absolutely sure none of these rats ever gains power, they will destroy our country in one term. So here's a plan for you AOC, deport all illegals, build the wall, change our immigration laws, and then make policies that take care of American Citizens.

  11. Just remember that even though it looks like Trump's going to win by a landslide we as Republican have to go vote because you know the Dems will cheat every way they can so the odds are already against us because it's hard to beat a cheater

  12. Oh words from Lia Wather Warren. I was so for her when I saw her drinking a beer in her kitchen. Then when I saw her soy boy husband say. Er not right now (probably because he was quaffing a 300 dollar bottle of Cabernet at the time) the feeling quickly dissipated.

  13. All these crazy ideas are a test, so the Democrats can at the last minute present Biden as their candidate as the "reasonable " choice. OAC and Omar should both be investigated now for campaign funds violations and immigration violations. NOW!!

  14. like the "DPRK", or the "democratic peoples republic of Korea" = North Korea! They are not democratic OR republican…USA is BOTH; democratic-republican-constitutional-american nationalists we are, ALL of us american citizens; stand tall, stand proud, and, shout at the neo-mongols and islamists; they cannot have us!

  15. in 2008, obama and all the democrats denied being socialists. Then, all of the sudden, they admitted that they WERE socialists after the 2012 election, especially, after the 2016 election, and, have been touting socialism and praising it, and, now, a whole bunch of them are distancing themselves from it…Trump holds true to his promises and platform, and, congressmen, esp. the democrats, have been waffling back and forth. The truth is, the democrats only want to get as much power as possible; they care about nothing else but political power. And, BErnie just said "make sure our people live in security and indignity…" now, I DO hope he meant "in dignity," and, not "indignity…" if that was Trump, the leftist media would all be saying that Trump said "indignity…" 0:53