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Democrats continue to rally in defense of Rep. Ilhan Omar & her anti-Semitic comments

Democrats continue to rally in defense of Rep. Ilhan Omar & her anti-Semitic comments

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. I. Omar can't be faulted for her agenda. She is a deep penetration agent from America's enemies. She is doing well with her mission and assignment (sow discord and confusion, change priorities from supporting US allies to surrendering to U.S.'s enemies. Please, don't blame her. Blame the fellow americans who voted for her and help illegals to pad the demon's votes. Be smart.

  2. I call bullshit. Nothing she said was anti-Semitic. What does that even mean? No duel citizens in U.S. government!! And no, not all Israeli citizens have equal rights. Another B.S. ziocon propaganda Network.

  3. Democrats are bought and paid for by Iran. Obama and the dems pushed so hard for that bad iran deal. Now the dems are on record being anti jewish. Ask yourselves why John Kerry is working soo hard behind the scenes in Iran?

  4. Rothschild Schill Theodore Herzl
    (Father of Zionism)
    called for rabid antisemitism to drive his people from Europe to Palestine.
    Instead, THEY went to NY (the Big Apple).
    Remember Eve???

  5. This started out as a resolution against Omar for criticizing AIPAC, which is right about bu the way, but it morphed from condemning a despicable mozzie into a blanked resolution that condemns not only anti-Semitism, but more to the front of the resolution, came all forms of bigotry to all minority groups. So, in effect, what we have is a house resolution that backed off Omar, and took the opportunity to condemn all forms of bigotry….EXCEPT straight white people, who did not make the list. So, in reality, this resolution is in a soft way, condoning the prejudice of Christian whites in the USA, and nobody is talking about it.

  6. How about the nasty obstructionism and witch hunt attacks on President Trump AND the First Family?? Democrats have been criminally vile in their use of hatred to defend their non existent ethics.

  7. Let the congress woman do the job she was elected for. Or some are so full of prejudice and bigotry that it hurts to see black, Muslim, and a woman exercising her god given ability to speak against injustice with eloquence.

  8. The issue of security concern about Omar & company is, "Are they sharing classified info with known extremist, US haters, & terrorist lovers, who they are known to psychologically cavort with in public, & are they willing to do it for profit like HRC"?

  9. The Democrats are a satanic party there PC culture and evil ways they wish to spread across the planet we the good people of this planet are on the March as God is a witness we'll bring the fight right to you and win

  10. It's not anti-Semitic to criticize Israel. It's not anti-Semitic to criticize a Jew or group of Jews. It's not anti-Semitic to criticize Judaism. It's not anti-Semitic to expose and/ or criticize Politicians/ Media "reporters" (Neocons) who were bribed to defend Israel by crying (indefensible slander) & accusing the "other" of "Anti-Semite!" every time a Jew, group of Jews, or Israel is exposed or criticized for committing an evil or an atrocity.

    It is anti-Semitic to point out the fact that an individual is a Jew or Jewish when he/ she is the subject of critique. It is anti-Semitic to point out the fact that the group/ organization being criticized are Jews or Jewish when the group/ organization is the subject of critique. It is anti-Semitic to point out the fact that a State/ Nation/ Government/ etc. is Jewish when that State/ Nation/ Government is the subject of critique. (So when a Politician or media personality "reporter" rushes to the defense of criticism of a Jew, group of Jews, or a Nation State as Jewish, by immediately accusing the would-be critique of being an anti-Semite, that Politician and/ or media personality "reporter" are the ones being anti-Semitic themselves.)

  11. They need to FIRE Nancy, she is not senile. Why would you put an 80 year old women who cannot even speak a full sentence without stumbling through it to be put head of Congress….

  12. I'm gonna tell ya right now , leave our system alone , we are Christian's, if you move to our country and your musslim and your running for Congress, we should have a committee to shut that shit down immediatly . That makes our future strong and reliable ,the left is ruining our future, I'm gonna stand and fight. Get ready you lousy left dems.

  13. Well since she is black, she gets a free hate pass, that whites do not, this in time with different political black immigrants will definitely get worse .we need to throw her out on her ass, just like they would've one of us , well since she is an immigrant and a black musslim who hates Jews. She gets a free pass don't ya honey. Well we 100 percent red blooded Americans would like to see your reign as fake ass musslim bulshitter come to it's final close. good bye!!!

  14. Who is pushing the anti white agenda through all their forms of media ?
    , who is behind all the hate speech laws coming in across the western world ?
    Who will NOT allow a discussion of the facts of WW2 ?
    Who is behind the opening of all European lead nations borders ?
    Who owns the NGO groups enabling the third world to flood in to our nations ?
    Who created communism/Marxism ?
    Who ran the Bolshevik Government ?
    Who ran the soviet Gulags that murdered 50plus MILLION White Russians ??
    Who was behind the Frankfurt school that has implanted this self hate and degeneracy into the european mind?
    Who cries out in pain when they stab you ?
    Who owns and controls the
    Porn industry ?
    Who gets billions of dollars per year for free via their thousands of ethnic lobby groups across the western world ?
    Who was behind the fermenting of both world wars ?
    Who was behind the communist “liberation “wars in Africa ?
    Who are the ones responsible for the financial implosion in 2007/08 ?
    Who owns the parasite central banking system ?
    Who came up with all the buzz words that are thrown at those who question the destruction of European nations ?
    Who has been calling for the eradication of the european people from this world ?
    Who owns / controls the big tech giants that police free speech ?
    Who is behind the pushing of the transgender Liam on kids ?
    Who is behind NAMBLA ?
    Who’s holy books allow child rape of gentiles ?
    Who can you NOT criticise , ever ? Or face being destroyed via the global media ?
    Do some research , it does not take much to discover how and why our nations are being destroyed , and who is behind everything destructive !
    I’ll give you a clue it rhymes with chews

  15. Trump is not Jewish and has done more for Israel thnn any president and where the fuck is Chuck. Pathetic that America is allowing Omar to get away with this hatred. Get her out NOW.

  16. yes please you have to step on Democrats !!!!!! we are offended and horrified again the world wants blood and gold it's been done before never worked out for the blood thirsty.. enough already 1.5 % of population of the world can not possibly be responsible for all your evil Know thyself is a good way to go


  18. Anti-Semitism is a curse that
    Is being utilized by Demonic individuals that wants to destroy the state of Israel 🇮🇱 ! God of Heaven and Earth 🌏, Gave that piece of Land to the Twelve Tribes of Israel in the Old Testament of our Holy Bible! What GOD gives, man can not take away without God's permission and his
    plans to be accomplished!?!? Why is that Islamic Woman allowed to be on that very important committee ? She should be truly censored, but because the Wicked Socialist Democratic Party has lost their minds, their common decency, their common sense, and most importantly their Own survival as an American political party ! They belong in North Korea or Cuba or Venezuela, wherever GOD's Blessings have turned into Curses!
    We must pray that some truly opens their minds, hearts, and souls before it is too late! We are still One American Family! Lord Jesus, Nancy Pelosi should also be censored because she is the Speaker of the House! And yet, she is acting like a little girl too afraid to do the Right Thing ! Her job is to be the Real Speaker of the House! Instead, she is allowing freshman Representatives that aren't very bright and seems to lack any true learning of anything! God, of Heaven and Earth, hear our pleas and our prayers to truly make us one Nation Under God! We were established as a Christian Nation! AOC, is a foolish child that The Speaker of the House seems to be afraid of! What is happening there is unbelievable? Nancy Pelosi wanted to be the Speaker one more time! Odd, isn't it! She is not acting or behaving as the ONE with True Power and Control! I hope she is not ill! Our People's House is in true Jeopardy and Harms Way!

  19. This so called Anti-Semetic Resolution from the Democrats is just a pure slap in the face to the Jewish people & community. First of all, it is a completely watered-down condemnation of hateful comments & speech. It was supposed to only address the remarks made by Rep. Ilhan Omar, but at the last moment, Democrats threw many more groups into the resolution, making it seem lucky the Jewish people were even still a thought. Secondly, it really does not apologize for the racist comments made. If the Democrats were in the least bit sincere, they would have immediately recognized by name that they completely condemn Ilhan Omar for her comments and hold her accountable for her actions at the very least by removing her from the Foreign Relations Committee. Finally, having all Democrats vote in favor of this resolution and yet still stand by and defend Ilhan Omar, just goes to show just how disingenuous they all are. They don't ever seem to say what they mean, nor do they mean what they say. And quite frankly, I'm completely fed up with it… no matter which side of the aisle it comes from. The Democrats have showed time and again they don't care about anything but their grab for money & power. They have no moral compass, no ethics, no integrity, no honor. They only care about whatever lip service they need to give an issue to brainwash their supporters long enough to get elected to their positions of power and use that power to make themselves rich and exert their will over everyone else. And what I don't get is why Democrat supporters give their party such blind unwavering loyalty? If you can't get on board with the condemnation of hate in any of it's forms, supporting late-term abortions & infanticide, turning our free nation into a socialist country where the government takes everything you own & you live under government rule, where a person's freedom of speech and opinion is suppressed and censored because it doesn't align perfectly with theirs, where everyone is seen as an oppressed entitled victim as opposed to a free thinking individual capable of unlimited potential if they're willing to work for what they want, supporting a completely unfeasible green new deal that would bankrupt the country & place it into utter ruin, who values the lives & security of illegal immigrants, criminals, human traffickers, and gang members over it's own citizens, who does not believe in truly having a safe, secure, and sovereign nation with open borders… then I say, what is stopping you from just walking away from the Democratic party who has already long since walked away from you?