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Denmark’s ‘Burqa Ban’ Goes Into Effect, Triggers Muslim Outrage

Denmark joins a handful of European nations in efforts to ban the public use of Islamic face veils. One America’s Kristian Rouz has more.

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Why don't you build a wall? It works perfectly over in the US (Complete sarcasm). We need ISIS and other extremists taken care of so these citizens can go back to their homes. If people want to stay when that time comes, let them. People will go back to their homes and some will stay. Maybe then you can get rid of this ban.

  2. Look at all those liberated brainwashed women
    The burca a symbol of woman liberation? Are you kidding me
    Yes you are free to practice your culture but not when it involves "cultural" practices or symbolically go againt ours

  3. Oppressive Muslim ideologies, and moreover Muslims in general, have absolutely no place in the western war. They refuse to cooperate and conform, still holding on to their brutish, cruel, primitive and oppressive ideology.

  4. The talking trash bag is a fuckin retard. “We’re strong and independent women” is that why you dress like that or get lapidated for reading or showing a1/4 inch of your ankle? “This is racist”
    How is this racist if Muslim is a religion? Well I guess if yarmulkes were as synonymous to terrorist as burkas/hijabs are Denmark would have to ban them. Middle Easterners have inbred themselves to a point of de-evolution.